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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
It's a 'Guy' Thing

They're superballs.

Gacked from dr_abraxas:

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what's he doing with 50 super balls at his age? running low on his own?

Bite your tongue!

He bought 4 from a gum ball machine which then switched to something else. Co-workers kept, he claims, coming by asking, "When are you getting a full

He did the math and was fretting because there was only a 50% chance of getting a complete rack and what if they didn't do cue balls?

He's starting to make me worry.

So Richard doesn't feel the call of a complete rack, including cue ball, of pool superballs?

P has 3 and is letting 2 go at cost.

We are waiting on our taxes. We don't get any toys until we have our taxes back.

Ah, I need to do ours.

yeah. that's worth fretting over...... *rollseyes*

You maps shows me, does it show yours? It could be a glitch or something.

My map shows me.

I'll have to see if yours shows me now.

Awesome map! *ganks* The superballs look like fun, but I think they would end up as cat toys in our house.

I take no credit for the map.

I agree the superballs look like fun but 50? They are a bit big for cat toys, at least for our kitties.

Big as they are, 49 would end up under furniture, and the last one would be batted around until they lost interest.

What are the superballs for?

Silly Inusaga! They are for having! P is the proud possessor of 3 (unless he's managed to find buyers for 1 or 2) complete racks of superballs colored like pool balls.

. . . oh. So, what do they do? Do you hang them on the wall? Are they paper weights?

They are superballs? They bounce really high for a long time?

Technically, they aren't really superballs because they aren't Wham-O.


Ahhhh. We don't call them that. I've always called those power balls.

superballs? they look like pool table balls to me. Why are they called super balls?

The map is very, very cool :) However, they screwed up on where I live! *headdesk*

Sexsmith is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it town North of Grande Prairie. I am currently typing this in Grande Prairie, a mere 20-something kilometers away from Sexsmith. Then I go home to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it town 20-something kilometers west of grande prairie called Beaverlodge.

Sexsmith and Beaverlodge...yeah...I suppose the settlers of way back when were thinking a lot about how to keep each other warm in those cold, cold winter nights...


oh you're Sexsmith!

You remember superballs don't you? They bounce really high?

I was wondering who the heck the St. Petersburg person was and guessing the map's method of divining one's location leaves a lot to be desired.

You've got two Mississippi friends, looks like - you must court Southerners. Who's from Sexsmith?

It's the accent!

I'm the favorite, though, right?

You have to ask?

hi there

Your first visitor is from Bombay, India! cool!

Re: hi there

Coolies! I was wondering who it was?