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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pic Spam!

I did not actually jam Evil down in the corner of the basket despite her expression ...

I think Boo was tired of pictures ...

Boo said I should say, "Remember the significance of big feet." I don't know what that means.

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Mood: tiredtired
Tune: Original Score - [Chicken Run #09] Really Big Truck Arrives, A

cute. but you need a dog.

Are you volunteering?

absolutely! i'm yours already, though, you know that, right?

That last picture could've been Frosty - I didn't realize the resemblence was that close.

Liked the 'hint of fang' and Evil's lovely spots. :)

I think Frosty is more silver. Boo has fawn stripes.

Boo is a sweet and gentle natured kitten who always warns before performing exsanguinations.

You are very abusive towards your two innocent cats. And I am shocked I tell you. Yes, shocked and appalled that you would show such pictures of their tormented little faces.

I chased them around yelling, "Say hssst!!!" Surprisingly, they did.

In the end, they allied to write a letter to the ASPCA.

Awww. They're so cute. ^_^

Thanks, we think so, especially Evil.

I like the way the photos convey the cats' personalities. Very cat-like, them.

1: Hey, this time out was your idea, not mine.
2: Are you going to rub my belly already or what.
3: I've taught that teenager every attitude she knows. Hah!
4: Dude. Sleeping.


Re #2, actually, Evil flops over to have her tum rubbed if someone comes in to the room or if someone usually comes into the room. SHe lurks under the kitchen table at breakfast waiting for MD's feet.

that's a lot of cute p...(censor beep)laying around

sorry, could not pass that one up

You think that's a lot? Just be glad I censored Evil!

You know, picture #2 looks like the top half of a kitty centerfold. O_o

I did have to censor the rest because it showed vasty amounts of snowy tummy and beyond.