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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Obligatory BRRRRRR!!!!

No heat in the ladies' room at work yesterday. Only thing that saved it from that total out house experience was dirth of spiders.

Mood: coldcold

I miss our old outhouse... well, the door, anyways. Definitely not the wind chill up the whazoo and the spiders the size of kittens lurking under the lid. When my aunt sold the family cabin, the outhouse door was removed from its hinges and kept (written up as an 'exception' in the bill of sale, too), as it was literally covered with three decades worth of doggerel verse, jokes and pithy observations.

We lost the door when the shed it was stored in burnt down. I'm always amazed that my packrat mother didn't have it stashed somewhere in her basement.

I have no such fond memories. My experience tens more towards the facilities found in parks and rest areas that McDonalds was invented to save us from.

Brrr! Well, adult diapers are all the news lately. :)

But who would I get to change me?

Surely there is someone in the workplace with a corresponding fetish!

Sh! That's a side of me I reserve for you.

Besides, you need to get back into practice, I bet.

I do! But I'll need practice changing boy diapers, not girlie ones. You understand, right?