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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
It is the End Times

MD practiced her violin without any prompting whatsoever! None! Nada!

Mood: indescribableastounded
Tune: Setzer, Brian - [Rockabilly Riot! Volume One - A Tribute To Sun Records #15] Peroxide Blonde In A Ho

hey! me too! a sax concert in my ear before dinner. it's still ringing (my ear)

congrats to you too!

*high five*

MD was putting of doing her homework. WHat was the reasoning on your end?

I hope you have cheap champagne to break out to commemorate the event ;p

Or are you still in shock?


*conveniently forgets how long it's been since she herself has cracked open an instrument case*

It'll have to be cheap, but yummy, sangria!

o what instrument is it that you don't play?

Run for the hills!

She also astral-projected home from today, although she denies it.

Gah! *bars the windows*

Seriously, is this a problem with her?

Usually, it's nag, nag, naggity nag.

Frankly, it would save my breath if she gave it up but she actually likes playing it's just the whole "practicing" thing.

practicing without being prompted? Watch out mom, it could be a trap!!!

Next thing I know she'll be cooking dinner! Gah!



So MD is you, right. Good for you! Glad you practiced.

Re: hi

No, I'm O-7. MD is my teenager which is why it's astounding.

Wow! Know I just asked this, but when is she expected to be up and running, er, playing again.

Look it's the ghost girl.

Must be spring... the red-head taught himself the opening bars of 'Ode to Joy'. This, from a kid who would rather have dental surgery than practise his sax.

*throws hands up in air*

I asked MD if yesterday was "International Mess with Your Mama's Mind Day". She said "yes."