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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Feeling Memish This Week But This Time It's Pretty!

I gacked this from kroki_refur.

- List your top 10 celebrity crushes.
- Put all of them in order of your lust for them.
- Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
- Supply photos for said people.
- Tag five people!

OK, so since I’m a rebel or whatever, I’m changing the rules. I don’t really get celebrity crushes—I might love an actor in one show but not watch anything else with them in (and rarely follow interviews, because I hate it when people who play characters I love turn out to be wankers). I get crushes on characters, so that’s what I’m doing here.

I'm making my own adjustment and arranging the crushes, from movies and TV,  in chronological order of when I had the crushes. I don't crush much and some of these go waaaaay back. 

Here's to a heapin' helpin' of nostalgia.

I like capable guys, guys get on with the job without emo-ing all over the place.

My first major crush was the Great Leslie from The Great Race as portrayed by Tony Curtis. He had some sweet wheels. Of course, he was a total stew. Nowadays my tastes run more to Fate, but Fate is not as capable a guy.


If I may have had a little thing for Batman as portrayed by Adam West, I'm not spilling.

Next comes Kato from The Green Hornet. Bruce Lee...yummy. I always like a man in uniform and he also has a sweet ride, plus mad skillz.


Ivan Dragomiloff from The Assassination Bureau. Oliver Reed is a bit chunky by today's standards but, as I have previously mentioned (in other posts), my buddies and I would always watch The Assassination Bureau when it came on the telly, mainly because Dragomiloff is so studly.


The eponymously named Remington Steele. I actually think Brosnan got sexier when he was older and a bit less pretty... OK, not a capable detective but running a scam or cat burglary? He's your go-to-guy. And, again, a very nice ride.

Did I mention, I don't like guys who have a different girl every episode? That's what prevents Indy from making the list.

Brisco County, Jr (really, he should have dropped the junior after his Dad was murdered...) from The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. as played by Mr. Smirk himself, Bruce Campbell. This should not be a surprsie. I like Pete Hutter and all, but face it, not that capable. Brisco had the smartest ride, Comet.

Constable Benton Fraser from Due South as portrayed by Paul Gross.  OK, that tasting dirt thing is a bit off putting but, hello! mountie! There was one ep where Fraser got lucky. pilgham wanted to know if he said "Thank you, kindly" after.

I don't get crushes on actors 'cause I don't know them. However, just about every character Chow Yun-fat has played is pretty damn hot so it's hard to make a choice. So I didn't. I made the rules so I get to break them!


Aku Soku Zan! Saitoh Hajime, 3rd captain of the Shinsengumi and later policeman, a man who's not all emo like Himura Kenshin. Pity about the smoking. Note, only Saitoh from Rurouni Kenshin, none of those other Saitohs need apply.


From Yu Yu Hakusho I like  both Hiei and Kuwabara. I know Hiei  is a little psychoticn but he generally just kills people who annoy him and he's really cut down of late. I like that he's so short but saying why would just be TMI.  Kuwabara is the only guy on this list I feel guilty about age wise but I figure the show was made in the early 90s so he's an adult now. Kuwa-chan may not be as good looking as some of the other guys but he has the hugest heart and likes kitties!


I'm tagging you *points*, you *points*, you *points*, you *points*,  and how 'bout you *points*,

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I shall have to meditate on this heavlly at work as I am a tough sell.

I was drawing a blank aside from Leslie and Ivan. Well, and Saitoh.

Hmmm. Mine are all weird or wildly out of date. That does make we want to have seen The Assassination Bureau.

It has a zeppelin, too, and I'm a sucker for those.

No one from Inuyasha on the list!

I approve heartily of Remington Steele, Bruce Lee and Chow Yun-Fat. Bruce Campbell does have something, doesn't he, but I liked him best battling the zombies (Ash?). Whoo hoo, that Leslie is burning up - didn't see The Great Race though.

I sort of, kind of did this before, just was more random pickings. I find my picks are not always very traditionally 'bishie' though.

I nearly had Charles Bronson ...

I'm wondering where all the geeks I like are. I was just drawing a total blank on the 80s.

Geeks are from all eras - rememebered any names yet?

Not a one.

You're just embarrassed.

no inu? i'm with you on Remington Steele but no one else really lights my fire. Saitoh is a possibility. no one in the kenshin Universe really flips my tail, though i like the series alot. show yun-fat is pretty hot looking, but i've never seen a movie of his...

i may have to do this myself. it looks fun.

I nearly put Jaken up there...

I'm so proud!

Your local video store will definitely have Hardboiled and The Killer (Chow movies directed by John Woo) but probably dubbed.

The Killer is regarded as great 'art' but Chow dies in the end. Hardboiled isn't as classy but begines with a fantastic shoot out in a tea house and winds up with 45 minutes of mayhem in a hospital.

I always liked Fate and thought that if he could just lose his competitive streak he'd a very likable fellow ^_^ Tony Curtis is ♥!

I should go watch that movie now...

Watching the movie as an adult, I can totally see why Fate wants to one-up Leslie, but, yeah, Fate would be more successful if he didn't try so hard.

I like his car, too, always did.

All of my crushes are cartoon character. I have no idea what this says about me, and am afraid to find out.

*slaps forehead*

Ah, man, I totally forgot Rocky!

Really? He never did anything for me. Then again, I found Hellboy attractive.

I don't know. Are you sure Rocket J Sqirrel isn't of demonic origins?

Besides, that was when I was like 4 or 5. He does nothing for me now.

I too go with crushes more on characters than actors, so I'm with you on that one. Also, your first three selections? Totally hot and would top my list, too. [pauses to grump that IMDb no longer links character names, just actors'.] Cato from the Pink Panther movies was a mere shadow of Bruce Lee.

For Paul Gross, you must must MUST track down and see "Slings and Arrows," a Canadian series in which he stars. It's brilliant; I've been meaning to tout it on my LJ for months, now. (Your local library has it, no holds at present -- unlike my own library. We university towns are so goddamned literate.)

Slings and Arrows

I wikipediaed it and it does sound intriguing...

What is it with Paul Gross and ghosts?

Re: Slings and Arrows

Your library opens at noon. Start shoveling the driveway now!

Will it help if I tell you that you see full dorsal Paul Gross in one episode?

Dunno about the ghosts: I never saw many episodes of that other show.


Ivan Dragolmiloff, is he the villan on the movie "Oliver?"


I just googled Ivan Dragolmiloff and I got nothing. Did you spell it right?

Re: wait

Ooop! You're right. There was a typo. It's "Dragomiloff" with one 'l'.

Here's something scary. I know every single guy you mentioned, and have seen all movies, series, and affiliated works (with the exception of most Chow movies. I've only seen a few with him, and I think they were the better-known ones.) Although, Tony Curtis has never done anything for me.

LOVED The Assassination Bureau. I saw the movie multiple times when I was little, and even wrote in my very first diary about it.

A love of all things Bruce Lee was instilled in me by my father from a very early age. ^^ Peirce Brosnan I only liked in his later roles. The "Thomas Crown Affair" remake was hot. And Yu-Yu and RuroKen are among the greats. Hiei gets a fangirlish *squee* from me almost every time. ^^

All in all, quite an impressive list. ^_^

Glad you approve!

I dug of the novella the Assassination BUreau is based on and it's a grim humorless thing, one instance where the movie is better than the book!

Curtis does nothing for me now but I was like 5.