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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Masochist or Sadist, You Decide

For reasons that remain unclear to me I decided to do some maintenance on my C2 on FFN. I deleted a bunch of pieces that were incomplete and hadn't been updated in over a year. Then I decided I needed some new blood so I went to various crossover sections.

Here are some sample summaries (these happen to be from the movie crossover section):

A Christmas Tale by -.-CuriositysCat-.- reviews The Santa Clause[Not a crossover] When an invention shows Bernard [And Curtis] a young woman named Laura, whatever will happen to Bernard and said young woman?

Lost by Ichigosgirl This is a poem i wrote by my self about how i feel, sad

Nine slash Eleven by Wel Zen reviews [there is no World Trade Centers movie catigory, because slashing wouldnt exactly be hawt their] Parody of the movie World Trade Center lol 911. Well its all on the table guys, read on young aisling...

You may notice something these have in common. Looking at the current first page with 25 entries, only 10 are clearly crossovers and only 7 clearly identify the fandoms.

I finally got so pissed off that I started reporting the most egregious examples. Now I remember why I have been eschewing FFN.

Oh, and a happy new year to you!

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[there is no World Trade Centers movie catigory, because slashing wouldnt exactly be hawt their] Parody of the movie World Trade Center lol 911.

Holy WTFishness, Batman.

That one I reported for bad grammar because I really couldn't tell if it was a crossover. It was also misogynistic and full of foul language but I didn't know if they were reportable.

Ah, the new year. Never a better time to unleash one's wrath onto the unsuspecting idiots of FF.net!

Happy New Year :)

Thank you! My family says I was being mean, which I was, but only to the richky deserving!

A Happier, Healthier and more Prosperous New Year to you!

That was richly deserving.

The 9/11 parody was particularly tasteless. Sadly, even at the time I post this reply that shit's still there. Xing & Co. aren't as fast as they used to be with that delete button.

I just read the first couple and last couple paragraphs trying to see if it was, in fact, a crossover, without requiring brain bleach, but yeah, it looked pretty nasty.

and to you!

FFN bugs me too. some people swear by it, but i hate it...

THanks much!

I'll admit, the reason I don't usually go there is because of the no NC-17 rule but I do have some authors I follow who seem to post exclusively there.

snicker... regarding that hentai streak... watch your email in the next day or two... heeheehee

My breath is bated.

oh, did you catch anything?

Hey! "bated" not "baited"!
Just a fly.

so you spelled it wrong and choked on a bug? that'll teach you!


Hey! No impugning my spelling. Especially in this case when I didn't err!

oh. sorry.. couldn' see the original comment easily... guess i misread it and made you eat a bug, then, huh? bad me....

I finally got so pissed off that I started reporting the most egregious examples.

You should get a public service award.

Happy New Year back to you!

I don't think I'm due the award until I work my way through the entire movie crossover section and all that remains are movie crossovers. But thanks for the sweet thought!

Never have put anything up on ffn. I keep hearing and seeing horror stories of various shapes and colors.

I actually went and looked up that 'Nine Slash Eleven' one. I didn't make it past the author's note. x.x

Here's to the reporting and deletion of many more travesties of taste and the English language in this brand new year! If we're really lucky, maybe time will warp and all the terrible stories will fall through a crack in the universe, never to be seen again. (Note: this does not refer to mislabeled stories. Just really poor ones.)

*goes to find someone else to babble to*

Actually, I was just reporting things that weren't crossovers. Wasn't sure about that tasteless one but seeing as I was forced to look at the damn thing I thought the author should suffer, too.

For some reason, people write original fic and put it in crossovers because "there's no category for it," Of course, there's no category because original fic goes to fictionpress. It becomes miscellaneous even though there is a miscellaneous section.

Can you tell this puts my knickers in a twist?

Get em!

Also sounds like you are suffering for need-to-beta (otherwise known as 'need to tear something apart and whip it into shape).