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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Should I Be Appalled?

I have started reading stuff other than fanfic, again. Sadly, it is not all great literature.

This week I read a work called Finder's Keepers. It is space opera/romance. The romance/lemons were nowhere near up to the caliber I've gotten used to reading on my f-list but, for a romance, the space opera was pretty fair.

At the end, our protagonists are captured by the BEMs and held on the mother ship. Our heroes manage to take over the ship's computers and shut down the environmental stuff everywhere throughout the ship but where they are. I was kind of shocked by this. It's never stated how many beings are on the ship but it supports two squadrons of fighters. The hero had been tortured by the Bems before the book began and they have tried to kill the leads but still... Aren't heroes supposed to be better than villains?

On the other hand, how many people were on the DeathStar when it blew? And that never bothered me.

Now I'm reading To Ride a Rathorn (a Christmas present) by P.C. Hodgell and it is almost as good as the first story, God Stalk.

Gacked from queenofthecute:
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Lady Madame Ouatic_7 the Lush of Oxbridge by Camford
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You know, I am "the Lush" only by marriage, don't you? Really!

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Fanfic lemons are held to a high standard. Perhaps I need to read more P Hodgell.

True about the lemons. Write a crappy one and get immediate feedback to that effect!

Re Hodgell, her other books only suffered by comparison to the first. I've read them all many times.

well, i'll take that as a compliment, as will most of your flist i suspect. wonder why it is so hard to find good published lemons? not that i care. writing it is frankly more fun than reading it, i think;)

Probably because there are more people who will stop reading if the lemon is too detailed than will if it isn't detailed enough.

so very sad..... XD

It's why I weep for our country.

that's the only reason?

oops... i don't do politics... forget i said that...

You know, I am "the Lush" only by marriage, don't you? Really!

That's what they all say. You know, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

What problem? MD is trained to make perfect martinis.

A skill that will surely serve her well later in life.

you do know that as a lush, this does entitle you to perks. People ask you were are the best places to go out and get a drink , to see the game , and/or to get into a barroom brawl.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Imperial Majesty Boiler1 the Intractable of Oxbridge by Camford
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Hey, you Imperial Majesty! We hail from the same neck of the woods!

You know, pilgham was schooled at Oxbridge so he used to know some of the good pubs. I've been to the Eagle.

true story time...
i asked my daughter to take her mother to the bus stop. I told her it was next to the Tavern. MD asked me if that was anywhere near the bar XP

What was my brat doing at your house?

wondering what the difference is between a tavern , a bar, a pub and a saloon

SHe's not much of a drinker, you know.

Oh, Lady Madame...you're a lush? Heeeee!!!!!!

SURE, it's only by marriage...


Ok, birds of a feather and all that...

I resemble that remark. Cawfeather thanks you (but he only likes cabernet)!