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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Curse of the Ginormous Palace

Ran Christmas errands yesterday morning but went to see The Curse of the Golden Flower in the afternoon.

In one respect this is definitely a woman's film, in another respect, no.

One of the subplots or themes or motifs or something was how many minions it takes to keep a place the size of the Forbidden City running.

* Spoiler Alert *

The climax of this was when the minions cleared away the slaughter (we're talking hundreds, if not thousands of corpses here) in the courtyard and replkaced all the yellow chrysanthemums in about 10 minutes.

* End Spoiler *

The downside of the movie was the Empress' (Gong Li -- by the way, is Gong her fmaily or given name?) suffering. Every third shot was a close up of the Empress suffering. I'm sorry, I got bored with that. I wanted to see more Chow (Yun-Fat), much more Chow even being casually brutal though I would have settled for Chou (Jay).

Despite that, the movie is a must see on the big screen because you need a big screen to really appreciate the excess. All of the palace set and clothing design seemed to adhere to the maxim that "More is more."

Made the rye rolls and three batches of bourbon balls today. ALso remoted in to work and finished something I didn't have a chance to do Friday.

Remains of the day are to be enjoyed.

Merry Christmas (or the appropriate Solstice holiday) to you All!

Late breaking edit gacked from bibliofile:

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It's like it knows me...

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so. Is the guy in the asleep or has he been poisoned?

He tried to commit suicide.

Merry Christmas! :D

Is the romance between Gong Li and Chow?

There really isn't any romance in the movie...

Gong Li and Chow are married and have 2 kids so they are a couple.


Gong Li is gorgeous and the best thing about the film. Jay Chou was average at best.

Re: ........

I'm female so Gong Li doesn't float my boat while any movie is improved by adding Chow Yun-Fat.

I agree on Chou, though our local critics seemed to like him, but he was prettier to look at than the other sons.

Ah, to live in the middle of nowhere and to not have even heard of this movie. I think the scenery is very pretty. The other night, a preview for House of Flying Daggers came on TV and Mick and I were very interested. When we start getting Netflix again, I'll have to put that on the list. Have you seen it? Was it any good?

Your cookie made me laugh. Here's mine:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
I sense a complete and utter vaccuum in the space between your auricles.
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My what? *looks it up* Eh? Why not just say "atrium"? I would have known what she was talking about.

Aren't auricles part of the heart? Is it saying you are bloodless?

House of Flying Daggers starts off awesomely and just gets progessively more boring but is still pretty good though the ending is a bit funny (ha ha) in it's urpleness. Also, Zhang Ziyi dumps Andy Lau (who I think is very hot) for Takeshi Kaneshiro (who is alright but is no Andy Lau). It's the same director as The Curse of the Golden Flower and also Hero. Anyways, you should see it though Hero is more interesting.

whoa! THREE batches of Bourbon balls? i don't make them any more (despite having a great recipe.... hubby doesn't like them and i can only have about 2 before i start to get sick.... too rich.

love your cookie. best one yet!

1 batch for my MIL. 1 batch for general consumption tomorrow. 1 batch, from gingernuts, for home.

With the amount of fogeying I've been doing of late, I thought my cookie was very apropos.

You survived the holidays!

Me too. :) Though I was kind of sad I didn't get a chance to try and make the Bourbon Balls. Have yet another, for me.

And I was bad and never posted the pecan pie bar recipe...

Yep, made it through the day and am looking forward to next weekend when I will get a chance to enjoy my loot.

Did Santa do right by you?

Merry x-mas!!

Right back at ya!

Merry Christmas to you too! (If a little late.) Found you through the Z! forums, although I believe I've seen you around mutual friends' journals before this. But the main point is that I'm friending you now. =D

Nice to hear your take on The Curse of the Golden Flower. I did have some interest in seeing it, but as it isn't playing in my area, that's kinda difficult.

Your review seems to confirm my first impressions. I don't expect very much from the movie plot-wise, which is sad, because Hero was a lot of fun. But if you're going to waste a storytelling medium on visual stimulation, then you might as well fill it with pretty people in fancy dress. Which is something Zhang Yimou knows how to do.

Not only did I friend you back, but I stole a meme!

I heartily recommend Curse of the Golden Flower for the eye candy even if there isn't enough Chow Yun-Fat.