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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My Xmas Stocking

Gacked from Noko...

Xmas Stocking
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Actually, we put up reallio, trulio socks for Santa.

And for the strong of stomach

With the doctor's X-ray viewy thing you can see the threads on the screws.


the code eff'd up so you can't put stuff in yoru stocking( i had this problem too. you can only add the code in 'source')

here's what i was gonna give you: nakkid hanyou & coal 4 a fire

nice xray. is it back to being a useful arm now?

Fixed now!

She has been using it since the surgery but it is a bit weaker than it was. That will come back, however, and they are very pleased with the mobility.

what is that,? 6 screws and 1 plate?
Come on, she can do better that.
(9 screws and 2 plates in my left elbow)
Just do not do what my bro did to me, chasing me around the house with a car magnet

THat's only 4 1/2 screws per plate.

Plus, of course, MD is but a fragile flower.


Funny! That's what MD said.

A bazillion dollars? WHat the heck will I spend it on. I guess we really could get a bus and driver on our next trip!

That's what I needed on my wrist. That's one broken wrist. Ahh, the wonders of luxury medicine.

I shouldn't complain; the surgeon ended up donating his time and I nearly have full use of it. It is a little mal-shaped but does the job with occasional numbness from carrying things.

Very nice; she'll be fine. Thanks for the look-see.

You know I'll give you the plate from my child's wrist...

How's the 'Bionic Teen' doing? Those screws... I dunno... they look so long in the x-ray!

Yep, the way the screws stick through the plate and the bone and quite aways out the otherside is pretty grusome.

She's doing really well. Most of her mobility is back and it's vacation!

That looks like it hurts! Poor MD. I can hardly look at it.

Your gift made me wonder about Rudolph's package and to wonder is to google. It led me to this which is mildly amusing....


From what I understand the part the hurts is the little bone chip visible on the left that she will always have. Plus, when it comes to physical pain she pretty stoic.

Well, the maids are supposed to be milking but I guess you can have them do whatever you want...lol


It's gonna take more than 8 maids to get this place shipshape for Christmas but I'll take any help I can get.

WHAT THE? is that a foot or a hand?

Wrist so the long digits are fingers.