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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Have No Social Graces

This is a fact. Then I meet other people.

I need recs for a good Windows MP3 player. I am trying to think outside the MusicMatch Box and WinAmp died on the test song. Suggestions?

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Oh, dear. That renders me useless. I'm just looking for a VHS.

It shall be a goal.

You, useless? Never.

What are you doing up? And can you merely IM?

I'm often up at this hour but this morning I have a hangover and no rush to be any where.

IM, hm? Windows Messenger? I'd have to turn it on and remember my account.

I don't care that you have no social graces. I would still hang out with you given the chance.

Right back at you.

Well, compared to the guy who came up to P and I with a mouthful of cookies and started spewing crumbs as he made declarative statements to which there was no response, I look pretty good. I just spit a little when I get excited.

Gross. Did you say anything to that guy? Did Philgam?

nope. we do the ipod thing. bought into the hype and everything.

Talking about the software to play music on the PC.

Hardware I know what I want.

Where the heck did you get that Icon?

same. itunes.

It can't be that bad! But if so I'm curious as to what you say while making small talk?

What I was trying to get at was other people actually make me look good.

But, let's see, we had the company Christmas party last night which involved conversing with spouses and one (adult) son who was introduced as being an anime fan. One spouse had plainly been prompted and wanted to see my elderly, non-iPod jukebox, MD's wrist, anime, commuting. The electoral college also came up.

Electoral college, eh. Must tuck that away for future use.

You'd be surprised about how excited it makes people.

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