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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Who? Me?

Finally got that seduction style quiz to work and it is incredibly annoying.

This question, for instance:

Is it OK to sleep with someone who's married?

A. That depends on so many things
B. No

I admit it, I sleep with someone who's married just about every night of my life. Is that so wrong?

Edit, 14:18:

So, we head out to lunch but pilgham needs to scrape his car so I decide to go scope mine out while I'm waiting. It's definitely buried and I have the wrong shoes on for excavation so I head back.

I see a Sheriff's car cruising slowly down the street. It loops back in and I'm not too surprised when he stops and asks me for directions. See that red blob? That's me and the sheriff. He's looking for Inland. I've never heard of Inland and I say it isn't in our development. He has an atlas which I yank away and I say I think it's the thing just south of our development that looks like a driveway. He drives off.

Before I could move a step, another gentleman came up to me with his MapQuest directions and wanted to know, you guessed it, where was Inland? I told him the same thing I told the Sheriff.

pilgham and MD drove up while I was still talking to the Sheriff and thought, from my hand gestures that I was giving an eyewitness account.

After lunch, Pilgham puts his car on the street but lets me out so I don't have to walk in the snow so I'm walking home alone when another car approaches me (also at the red blob) and the driver brandishes his MapQuest printout. He want to know the way to.... wait for it... Buckeye. Buckeye is actually in our development.

So anyways, I wanted to see if I was steering officers of the law wrong....

Luckily, no.

Well, guess I gotta go dig out my vehicle...

Mood: impressedaccomplished

yes it is wrong. What is the matter with you woman. Did we ever see June Cleaver sleep in the same bed with her husband? NO! They had two seperate beds. The only time we ever saw a married couple sleep together was The Munsters.

Those damn foreigners, didn't anyone ever teach them how to behave?

I don't think that one question made you a hipster. You're just that kind of girl. Easy! Footloose and fancy free!

I answered "it depends" as well and ended up as the 'Tantrum'. Ed ended up as 'The Charlatan, which was kinda creepy.

Back in the day when I was easy I wasn't as easy as they make me sound.

What the heck is a "casual Friday" dating style? How can I answer the questions when I don't even know what they mean?

I'm supposed to get help from the Seduction Assistance Guide for the Aggressive. Aggressive is such a negative term. I like to think of myself as "assertive".


I do have the watch.

ANd I still haven't done any X-mas shopping today.

Your black book can be your f-list - we all crave your attention! You mean you aren't easy anymore? :(

You really should shop. Do you expect Santa's elves to do all the work for you? They're so overworked this time of year you realize.

Nah, just kidding - laze around and let the fat man in the red suit pick up the slack.

those shoes just look SO not you....

Soooo right. I won't even wear white sneakers.

good choice....

Not even before Labor Day? Gosh.

I'm more of a 'gray' kind of girl.

But, it is OK, I understand, to wear white sports shoes while participating in the sport, regardless of the time of year. Of course, they don't make special (net) surfing shoes so I'm SOL.