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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Evil Talks to Herself and a Contest PLUS Eye Gouging Horror!!!!!!!

The other night, Evil was sitting on the landing, keeping an eye on both MD and I. This is normal. I hear her start muttering to herself and look over expecting MD or Boo to be pestering her. No, she's all alone. A little later she does it again. Still no molester in sight so, unless Evil has a magical spider friend (who she would eat), she has started talking to herself.

I have a new box and it needs a name. Existing boxes are named:
Oldy Moldy Cheese

Whosoever comes up with the perfect name will receive my first ever v-hug, no that's going to far, my gracious thanks? The glory and adoration of your peers?

Announcing project Excavate.

This is my office as of November 3rd:

Here's another angle from the same day:

As she looks tonight:

Boo's new chair:

About these last two... Yes the desk will be the hardest part. And that is my camera bag in the chair. So far, the chair is usually actually available for a butt to sit in or a cat to lurk under.

To the undiscerning eye it may look like nothing has been accomplished but MD is feeling all guilty about "all of the cleaning" I have been doing.

There have been some lagniappes:

Here's MD and friend from back when I was crafty. MD is the one who was dressed as Queen of the Snakes. I was very proud of that headdress. It fit like a dream; she wore it all evening without it bothering her or needing it pinned on.

pilgham, his dad, and his dad (who I never met) all in their gowns. 1982 according to the back of the photo.

Here's me circa 1983 in my May Ball gown, $15 from a Hadassah thrift store in Skokie plus $15 to get it cleaned. We actually looked at new dresses but my mother vetoed them all and I have to say she was right.

In addition to myself, there a little slice of my parent;s (and my) livingroom.


so much to play with. bottom's up. the dress is pretty. why are you so sober? your hair is beautiful. i always wanted to be strawberry blonde. pilgham is a cutie too!

would it be rude of me to say that it looks like you moved stuff from the floor to the desk? *runsandhides* srsly. looks pretty good. OOPS! skipped snakey girl. very cute. my boys woul never have stood still long enough for the makeup.

box names? the only thing that came to be was "bunny box" but that's cuz if i had a box, i'd put my bunnies in it.

and my dog talks all the time. usually when she's hungry. but it's really annoying.

Evil is generally talky, as well, but usually she is talking to a particular individual, "Leave me alone" "No means NO!" "Gimme some of that orange stuff" but this time she was just talking to herself.

Actually, the volume of stuff on the desk remains relatively unchanged. I was shredding stuff from the black file cabinet in order to make room for current stuff and I actually found the receipt for Windows 3.1.1 from back in the day.

I generally have a pretty neutral look, plus my mother was taking a picture of me!

Love the pictures. The dress is pretty--very classy, I think. And MD/Queen of Snakes is too adorable. She's even got the red eyes to match :P. Pilgham looks like a cook who used to work at Bob's, but I'm sure he's much more reliable (those graduation robes?).

As for the mess.... *hands over pick, brush, and shovel* much luck on your dig into the ancient past. May you find many memories and few cockroaches and spiders. :P

My room looked like that once--it took me almost a week to clean it when I actually sat down and did it.

Box name...? Buttercream

P went to Corpus Christi College (Cambridge not Texas) and the gowns are derigeur for all occasions. However, the scarf P is wearing fulfills the same function as the gown and keeps ones neck warm in winter.

One does wear the gowns for graduation but you need a hood, too, I think. I didn't go to P's graduation.

Okay, Ouatic, I'm going to name the box.


And my cat talks to herself. That's not normal?

Zuitora> What's that from?

I like "Ernesto".

The dress is pretty! You should be smiling. :)

I don't know. I think Ernesto might make me thirsty.

Maybe I was trying to look mysterios? My usual grin is definitely not mysterious.

Cute pics (LOVE the queen of snakes!) but you look so serious.

My cat always talks to herself. It's not a spider friend, Evil's just grumbling about having to deal with the damn humans who can't get the temperature right in the house or who haven't moved in too long and don't they realize how BORING they're being? She (he? it?) was pulling your chain and you fell for it.

She/he/it wins. As always. That's the way it is in the cat world.

Yep. It's all about winning and, when the chips are down, humans loose.

Cool pix. The one of you is what you still look like in my head -- P, too, for that matter. Lucky you, you visited him in Cambridge; I never did.

As for the box name, you could always go with a Bond reference: M. Of course some folk may assume you mean that movie with Peter Lorre.

And the modern M is pretty cool...Hmmm don't know if there is a minium length.

In my own head, that's what I still look like, as well. At least my hair is that color again.

You have a backpack on my chair! Now where do I sit?

Name the box 'Anne of Cleaves', because I said so.

Watch it or I'll post pics of me from the same year.

What? Are you crippled that you can't move the empty back pack? Jeez. OK it's moved. HAve a seat.

Anne of Cleaves? I always liked the name Anne.

Post away. Pics are always appreciated!

1. Every box deserves a good name and this one should be named 'Asmodeus'.

2. MD was worried because you cleaned? I'm a bit worried myself. You might get bitten by something rooting around in all that, uh, whatcha call it, stuff.

3. Plgham's family surely loved the mustache! He looked dashing.

4. You look so pretty, so virginal, in that white gown. Woof! Your parents had all their bits and pieces so neatly balanced.

1. I <3 Asmodeus!

2. ...

3. He has a beard now, as you know from other pics, and has had most of the time we have been together. He looks naked to me with out the mustache.

4. My mother had taste. WHat doesn't show well in the picture is the carpet is a sort of calico of browns and golds. It was very attractive but carefully selected so that stains would blend.

Box name: PeaTea (That's kitty's name, but I think he'll lend it out if I'm bribing him with catnip)

TMI Alert!

That's what I do, not my new box (I hope).