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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Bad Night at the Sunset Shrine

Just posted this to iy_no_kakera.

Title: Bad Night at the Sunset Shrine
Theme you are basing the piece off of: Set #1, Theme #9, Locust
Genres: Action/Horror
Pairings Represented: will be Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi
Word Count: 734
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mrs. Higurashi and Souta have unwelcome visitors.

She was washing the few dinner dishes. Kagome was off in the Feudal Era and Grandpa was out visiting one of his cronies so it had just been Souta for dinner. Gazing absently out the window, a slight movement caught her eye in the dusk. Wondering what it was, she flicked on the outside light. She caught her breath, holding in a scream. The yard swarmed with glinting chitinous bodies. Now she could hear them, mandibles clicking and dainty feet ticking on the pavement. Convulsively she pressed the panic button, wondering how long it would take Mr. Nishigawa to arrive.

Inhaling, she calmed herself. "Souta, close your door and stay in your room," she called upstairs trying not to sound panicked. "Don't come out until I tell you."


Safest upstairs. Too heavy to climb up the side of the house. I think. What if I'm wrong? Warn Souta to watch out the window? "Please keep an eye out the window and let me know if you see anything on the side of the house. We have roaches, a lot of them."

"Ewww! But why do I have to stay in here?"

"Just do as I say. Promise me." Weapons? Not a knife. Something long and heavy.

"OK, I promise to stay in here." Souta whined,"I never get to have adventures like Kagome. I don't even get to stomp bugs."

As the front door fell inward, she grabbed Haku's and Souta's bats out of the hall closet and an umbrella with a wicked ferule. She ran upstairs to make a stand outside her son's room. Picking up Souta's Ichiro Special, she prepared for battle.

They might or might not be too heavy to climb vertical surfaces but the stairs gave them no trouble. At least the narrowness meant only one or two could approach at once. The first one up the stairs clacked its jaws and spat at her. The horrid goober removed the paint where it slid viscously down the wall.

She raised the bat, putting all her weight on her right foot in her backswing then stepped forward pivoting as she swung, all her fear and anger focused in her weapon. A mutant combination of a golf and baseball swing, no one would call it elegant but there was a satisfying crunch when the bat bashed the underside of the head, turning it to pulp. The roach flew end over end halfway down the stairs, knocking two more to the bottom. The creatures chittered furiously.

"Mom, those roaches outside are really big," whimpered her son.

Whacking the bugs underneath the jaws seemed to work best. She tried taking out the legs. A nasty bite on her ankle showed her all three legs on a side had to go in order for the roach to be immobilized. She couldn't do it with one blow. Bludgeoning them across the carapaces was a waste of effort; the chitin armor was too effective. Pulping the heads didn't kill them but they couldn't bite with those horrible mandibles, couldn't spit, and lost interest in her.

Puffing, "Mr. Nishigawa should be here soon. He will help."

In the zone, it was crunch, crunch, and crunch until the wooden bat cracked. Layers of faceless twitching roaches filled the stairwell. She shoved at the pile with her foot, trying to shift the mountain away from Souta's door and regain some elbowroom. Each new foe clambered over the last. Her current adversary, perched atop the heap, attacked at waist height.

She rammed the largest splinter through the eye of the shiny black monster and out through the bottom of its armor. Taking up Haku's prized aluminum bat, a rest for her weary shoulders, she hit the roach on its underside. It's so light. But can it hold up?

Ferociously advancing up the stairs, Sesshoumaru destroyed the remaining creatures with lashes from his poison whip, their dissolving carcasses blending in with the existing chaos of bug goo and chitin flakes.

She struck the last roach. Defending her young, covered in ichor and blood, acid burns, arms and legs jellied from fatigue, human or no, the sight went to Sesshoumaru's most primitive heart. He easily jumped over the body as it slid down the slimy stairs and caught the bat as she reflexively attacked him. She swayed and Sesshoumaru caught her as she started to crumple, "Can I rest, now?"

"I have you."

"Souta, you can come out now," she called, then welcomed oblivion.

Tune: "Through The Night" by Outlaw Star