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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
MD Update

MD had her surgery yesterday. It was scheduled for 11:30 AM and she and her Dad didn't get home from the hospital until about 6:30 PM. MD was really knocked around by the anesthesia and poor pilgham had to spend all day lurking.

MD seems less queasy today, so far, but has gone back to bed.

Needless to say we had no Brisco or Tick last night. Hopefully, all will be up to it this evening.

Mood: anxiousanxious

Poor thing. I hope she feels better. Anesthesia always knocked me out for the day, too. Did it make her sick to her stomach?

Very. She couldn't keep anything down last night.

She's had some water and a little cereal this morning that *knocks on wood* has stayed own.

Blegh. What have they given her for pain, because Codeine (sp?) always made me sick, too.

They recommend Tylenol which P has gone to fetch.

Ah, good. Tylenol is usually really gentle on the stomach.

Probably a bit overdosed there. They keep shooting the morphine when they don't put somebody all the way out.

P wants to weigh her. He was thinking the same, that they overestimated how much to use.

Weigh her? What would be the point? Body mass index just gives and upper and lower limit of effective dose. All the rest of the dosing is done off the cuff. Just live gently and stick to Tylenol and she should be ok.

What did they give her for pain anyway?

Ice Packs?

We have the tylenol now but she hasn't been complaining of any pain except head ache.

good wishes to MD.

She says thanks.

Hopes and wishes for MD's quick recovery!

MD says, "Thank you."

She was ready for pizza night last night and was reveling in being back to normal when she ate breakfast this morning.

Good to hear! Too bad the whole thing had to happen in the first place, but at least it wasn't her neck!

When R had ten teeth removed last spring for his braces (four permanent and six baby), he was knocked sideways for days by the anaesthetic, and couldn't eat properly for several more until the holes in his gums healed. Lots of soup and pasta, and oatmeal for breakfast.

Miss J is up for it next spring; she's already not looking forward to it.

Poor MD, sorry this has turned from a big deal to a major deal. Wish we were all there to offer words of comfort or, better yet, sign her cast.

No cast. Now that her bones are held in place by a metal plate. She has a 'permanent' splint now but this week we are supposed to get a removable splint which will, apparently, allow her to start practicing her violin and stuff again.

I'm glad to hear that she'll be back at the violin soon. Poor MD! Have you been very worried?

Umm, not really, not about anything big, just about logistics. Is she going to vomit on the sofa? Am I going to have to take her out of achool for her doctor's appointment? Little crap like that.

I just have faith, perhaps too much, in modern medicine. When pilgham was at death's door it never really occurred tho me that he wouldn't get better.

When was Plgham at death's door?!

A couple week before we got married he had a root canal. The wadding in the wound somehow resulted in him getting toxic shock syndrome. He was in the ICU for a couple of days and in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

I was getting ready to move the wedding to the hospital chapel (couldn't postpone because overseas relatives were already here).

P doesn't like to talk about this because he had his doubts.

Talk about pre-wedding stress. So, did the rest of the wedding go after all that?

The wedding went fine but we did cancel our honeymoon travel plans as P was still recovering. He was a bit pouty 'cuz I, my Dad, my brother and his family all went to the zoo the next day leaving P to my mother's meries that he claims were less than tender.

Well, you had to entertain your in-laws! Did you ever get that honeymoon?

Went to San Francisco the following May.

Where'd you go for yours?

Um, I know this sounds greedy, but in a way we had two. We went to the beach but Ed had so much time off that we also splurged a few months later and took a week-long trip to Europe. I think I'm still paying off that one on a credit card. Had to change our spending ways.

Yikes! Well, I'm glad that MD made it through okay. Are the metal bits permanent, then? And will she require PT before she gets back to vibrato, etc?

The metal bits are permanent, screwed to the bone.

SHe's scheduled for a followup visit on Wednesday when she is supposedly going to get a removable splint. My understanding is she is supposed to wear the splint for several more weeks but can start resuming her activities, like violin, immediately. She'll just need to remove the splint while she practices. I imagine I will get the full story Wednesday.