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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Rye Roll Poll (It Rhymes!)

Some may recall the grievous rye roll error of last Christmas.

Well it's getting time to make the things again. The cumin was quite well received but holidays are all about tradition..

Poll #868644 Rye Roll Poll

So, for Thanksgiving ...

... make the rolls as learned at my mother's knee with caraway seed
... cumin gives them a nice pan-cultual taste
...mix it up; use another seed entirely!
... why do you make these things again?

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You should defintely try pumpkin seed.

I thought pumpkin seeds vere just a vehicle for salt?

You're thinking of boiled peanuts.

I actually prefer my nuts like my men...

Big, hard and ...a bit nutty?

I was going with au naturel but yours works.

Nah, au naturel beats nutty everytime.

I remember those rolls. They did go over quite well! I said try a spice of a different color but to be sure, I'd do half with a new and half with the cumin just keep the new tradition going and as a fail safe in case the new variety doesn't turn out nearly so spiffy ^__^

SO you're suggesting two batches? Unless the experiment turns out really badly my family certainly wouldn't mind. ANy concrete suggestions?

Probably to late to reply but I wasn't really suggesting two batches. More like two half batches and if the new recipe doesn't work you can just horde the cumin flavored ones for yourself ^__^ As for suggestions, I'm not so sure what'd really go well with Rye. You could always try to spice things up a bit and go with a mix of red pepper, mustard and a dash of sage. 'Course, that's just me making things up...

I do know that red pepper, black pepper, and mustard make a nice combination though. It's one of my favorites to use on stirfry. I'd suggest rosemary in addition to the red pepper and mustard but I don't think it has a strong enough taste for rye and the fragrances would clash This is a toughy...

I'd either go with the traditional formula or else go for something entirely new. But that's just me.

So what goes good with very lightly rye bread?

Oh, caraway seeds for sure. Maybe fennel, but it might be too strong.

Other options include a different kind of dough, such as Swedish limpa (an even lighter (and sweet) sort of rye), or maybe something with whole grains or maybe an eggy challah thing.

Screw tradition. I boycotted rolls this year entirely and made extra stuffing and Potatoes Imperiale. Nobody complained.

However, if ze rolls are ze only 'traditional' item on ze menu, you'd better make 'em the old-fashioned way with caraway.

Well, everyone claims to like them but I'd bring them regardless so I'd have soemthing to eat. The other items on the menu are traditional, all right, but it isn't my tradition.

Oh, dear. That really puts a different spin on things. I thought you had the joy of cooking for the horde, so had some control over the menu. Having to take the one item so you know you'll have something to look forward to eating really sucks!

Soon as maman handed me the 'heirloom' turkey lifter, I changed the entire menu except the turkey... but I cook that my own way, too.