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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I know there are people who had a suckier day than I, MD for one, but mine was pretty darn sucky!

3:30, I wake up about fretting about my builds. It doesn't matter what they are, just take it that they are something I'm responsible for yet have little control over and they haven't been working. I chekc my email. Nothing. This is bad, not even a notice of failure. I log into work and see I've forgotten to turn on the thing that does all the work. I turn it on and kick off the builds.

5:30, I've eaten breakfast, I chekc my email again. The first 2 have failed. Despite dropping MD at school, I get to work early. No love so I ask for help on these things.

9:30, I get a call from school; MD has broken her arm. I phone pilgham, hoping he will go. He says, "It's your insurance." Of course, the last time she broke her arm, I took her and it was his insurance. I let people know what is going on and leave. I'm supposed to meet MD at the hospital.

10:00, I finally park having driven entirely around the hospital. I walk through to the emergency room.

10:15, I ask for her at the desk -- nobody knows nothing. This is very distressing because I drove by the school to get here and she came in an ambulance; there's no way I could beat her. I phone the school; I'm at the right place. I phone pilgham and let him know the status and ask him to poke.

10:30, I walk back in and they have found her. MD gets x-rayed and drugged and stuff. Her wrist is pretty messed up but she is very stoic. We wait for the othopedist to come and set it.

12:30, the bone guy finally shows. He's very personable but not nearly as bish as her last orthopedist. Setting her wrist was a weird mix of medieval and modern technologies. The doctor aligned it by touch and then xrayed it with a portable machine that displayed the results on a VDT. When it was almost right, he used Chinese finger traps to attach her hand to a dealy to hold her arm up. Then he hung 10 pounds off her arm and waited. MD enquired about leeches. The doctor played with the xray toy again and finally set it. Then MD was xray-ed, yet again!

2:00, we finally get out of there. MD is in Luffy mode so I get her a quarterpounder.

3:00, we go to school to get her necesstities. Eveyr teacher is very sympathetic except her asshole physics teacher.

3:00, Drop MD at home and go to Walgreens for vicodin.

4:00, buttonholed by the neighbor. I actually like the neichbor but not feeling sociable.

4:30, go to vote. They have two new systems, a paper one and a touch screen one. I go high tech. I vote. I review my votes. I'm then supposed to review my votes again from a printout. Oops! no printout. I stand around 15 minutes while the juudges fix the printer and then have to start over. I should have gone low tech.

5:00, drink sherry. Yay!

5:30, one of the builds is still broken.

MISC: I have to pick up some of MD's chores...

Mood: crankycranky
Tune: "(What a) Wonderful World" by Cooke, Sam

Hmm. That definitely qualifies as a terrible day. Tomorrow must be better. It is a karmic requirement. Not sure what builds are, but I hope they get fixed soon.

So, whose insurance did it turn out to be? Is MD going to be out of commission for very long? It seems to me the last person I knew who broke her wrists was basically helpless for about a month. Totally sucked for her--but then she broke both wrists, which I'm sure was a factor.

Vicodin is the pharmacologists' pez. That stuff makes me loopier than Snoopy in a drunken stupor.

6 to 8 weeks in the cast, fortunately her left arm so she can still write.

If there is an upside, it's that I don't have to chauffeur her to violin for the duration.

On my reading the side effects of the vicodin, she declined to take it, but we have it just in case.

Oh, re the insurance, no one asked about it. It will be mine because we let my spouse's lapse and got the family plan at my company which isn't quite so chintzy as his. BUt it isn't like he doesn't have a card.

I still don't get why you had a sucky day.

I'm kidding. That part about the leeches had me rolling. So, how did she break her arm?

MD often has me rolling, too. It's bad when I'm driving.

You know those collapsible bleachers schools have? A volleyball was stuck on the top of one that was shoved all the way in and she fetched it back, coming down a bit more precipitously than she planned.

Yikes. Good thing she only broke her arm. I'm curious, what grade is your daughter in this year?

SHe's a junior. SHe's supposed to start making college plans but the decisions are too big so she doesn't even think about it.

Wow. Bad day indeed and this is the SECOND time she's broken her arm/wrist? Yeowch. Although, I think I remember you mentioning this and it really didn't happen all that long ago!


But Sherry makes it all better.

She broke her right arm in 4th grade, just before Halloween so it was awhile back. I think I posted pictures of the costume incorporating the cast fairly recently, though.

This time it was the left wrist.

I'm a firm believer in self-medication and I learned at my mother's knee to pour generously.

Ow! Poor MD. Vicodin is good for things like trying to go to sleep instead of staying awake because of the pain.

You know, Sterno could've told you guys all about the leeches.

(Bad P! No biscuit.)

We read the side effects and now she's scared to take the vicodin.

Re the leeches, actually after her comment, one of the nurses said she had actually seen them in use.

Uh, no she just wandered in after taking one as is going back to bed. Good thing, too.

If that isn't a bad day, don't know what would be. *knocks on wood, just in case* So sorry about MD - what the heck happened to cause her to break her arm?

SHe fell while climbing down from a collapsible bleachers from whence she was fetching a stray ball.

Poor thing! I hope she's feeling okay today. What are the side effects of vicodin?

nausea, vomiting, constipation, light headedness, dizziness, drowsiness, flushing, vision changes.

MD did take one this morning and had the nausea.

Hopefully today will be a better day. Best wishes and a fast recovery for MD

TOday was better, thnaks.

6 to 8 weeks in the cast for MD.

Maybe her physic's teacher's attitude was all about the trajectory of her fall. Lousy day for the both of you. Nice that they let her stay awake. They knocked me out for mine, I wanted to watch!

THey had to knock you out just to keep you from telling the doctor the correct way to do it.

Or question how they were doing it, anyway.


As a veteran of bad days, I must say that what you went through was DEFINATELY a very bad day *nod-nod* Hope MD is feeling better, or at least a little more comfortable. How did she break her arm? Scary stuff!

Hope today is a MUCH better day for ya! *hugs*

Today was much better. The last build is fixed! Yay!!

MD plummeted off of a bleacher she was fetching a ball from. I told her she needs to make the story more elaborate so it was a flaming ball and the bleachers were all spiky.

broken arm AGAIN???
been there, done that, no fun!

as for voting...K.I.S.S

Re the voting, I have definitely learned my lesson.