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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Heroes: Is It Just Me?

I watched this week's episode of Heroes this morning (I <3 TIVO!).

It started with Future!Hiro telling Peter they had to save the cheerleader, she's the key.

It ended with Peter telling Present!Hiro they had to save the cheerleader, she's the key.

Isn't that circular? If I was writing this, I'd make saving the cheerleader a big, fat, red herring and the cheerleader would not be the key.

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I am not familiar with this Heroes of which you speak. But I'm all for nothing relying on a cheerleader, either.

A friend at the office got me watching it so I didn't see the first couple of episodes. Heroes is about regular people who discover they have powers. One can fly, one reads minds, one can see the future, etc. They know there will be a nuclear bomb. or something in NY in 5 weeks and they have to stop it.

The cheerleader is actually a very nice, indestructible girl and her dad appears to be the villain. One episode ended with the cheerleader coming to on the autopsy table -- after the chest incision had already been made and the skin spread.

Sounds cool. When does it come on?

Mondays, I think. I don't really know because of letting Tivo do the work.

I'll keep an eye out.