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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Heroes: Is It Just Me?

I watched this week's episode of Heroes this morning (I <3 TIVO!).

It started with Future!Hiro telling Peter they had to save the cheerleader, she's the key.

It ended with Peter telling Present!Hiro they had to save the cheerleader, she's the key.

Isn't that circular? If I was writing this, I'd make saving the cheerleader a big, fat, red herring and the cheerleader would not be the key.

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I tried to watch Heroes last night, and missed the whole Cheerleader bit, what with rushing in and out of the living room to tend screaming horde. I'm jealous of your Tivo. Who's your fav character? Think I like the guy who can transport through time.

Hiro is my favorite, too, but I can't help but feel it's my bias towards subbing.

Hiro's so unassuming, they should put him on more.

Mohindar(?) is quite the bish, though.

Mohinder, yes. *pants*