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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Today I Turned 2E

I figure if inufan625 can make up a meme, I can so here is mine:

List your 5 Favorite undersung books.

In no particular order:

1. Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. This was pilgham's discovery but MD and I love it, too. It won the World Fantasy Award in 1985 but I am including it because I don't think it has been in print continuously unlike crap from Anne Rice and others. Hughart is the only author who makes me happy when a good guy becomes a ghost.

2. God Stalk by P. C. Hodgell. I don't remember whose discovery this was but I've probably read it 5 or 6 times. You gotta love a book where the heroine slays a god by accident and then successfully resurrects him.

3. The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. I feel guilty putting this on here, TIm Powers is a fairly big name and this is another award winner, but I consoled myself that it has a lower Amazon sales rank than Bridge of Birds. The description of the little men in their egg cups just creeped the hell out of me and I loved the cavaliers with the chains trailing from their heels to ground themselves. I should reread this.

4. Agent of Change/Carpe Diem by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. If I was betaing these, there might be some things I'd tighten up but I've read both multiuple times, especially Carpe Diem for the fluff.

5. Once Upon a Pirate by Nancy Block. OK, not everything I read is award winning fantasy, sometimes it's just fantasy. This is another one that could use a good beta job but has aspects that I love because they go against the conventions of the genre. The heroine, who is 3 years older than the pirate (38! She has teenagers!), falls back in time. At the end, they both live in our time and her ex-husband has taken the pirate's place (Voluntarily, it's a happy ending all around).

I've been battling a cold for what seems like weeks now. It sucks my energy which is why I haven't been very visible.


happy birthday! BTW, I'm ALWAYS sick on my birthday, so don't feel bad. I too, have been sick for a few weeks now. I got over a sinus infection, and now it's just sinus hell.

Thank you.

Another year creakier but it beats the alternative.

Well Happy Birthday!! Squeals happily... I will send you some of my energy.. I have enough for an army... I know... I read Interview with a Vampire and I went... Blagh... and feel asleep.. These books sound interesting... I might check them out of the library... wiggles happily... The prances around singing Happy Birthday to Ouatic!!

Thank you! If I had a tenth of the energy you exude, I'd be bouncing off the walls! Send me some!

*sings* (sounds drunk)
we were sailing a long...hic...on moonlight bay
hic hic

oh yeah
happy birf...hajjy bir...hap..uh
what is it today?
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday ouatttiv9usebglkilysahv *falls off chair while puking guts out*

(this is what happens when people are looking for a reason to go out and party...happy birthday)


THank you! I'm drinking pink champagne because it's pretty.

So old! Happy Birthday Ouatic. Too many things on my mind to check the date.

I agree with you on "God Stalk" pity the rest of the series didn't measure up.

I shall have to think about this meme.

THank you.

The rest of the series didn't measure up but I have still read them multiple times.

Same with Bridge of Birds.

There's a new one (Hodgell) out, haven't read it yet; it's on my birthday list.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy Birthday to you!!

Thankee! Thankee! Thankee!

Duh, I almost forgot to wish you Happy Birthday today! Do you want Anna to sing you a song?

I've gotta remember these. All sound good and I'm enjoying my Tim Powers so far. Once Upon a Pirate and God Stalk sound especially fun.

God Stalk is something else. I once based a D&D game off of it that lasted for several months with some of the most pushy and demanding players I ever met.

The funny thing is, TaiTastigon appears to be a version of Paris.

Happy birthday! (It's still your birthday in . . Hawaii, and parts of Alaska.)

Tim Powers isn't THAT well known. Most of my SF-fan friends know about him, but we're an unusual bunch. Anubis Gates is the only one of his I haven't read, though I own a copy (in a box, somewhere).

Thank you!

though I own a copy (in a box, somewhere).

That's a story I know. It'd probably be easier to get it from the library!

Happy birthday, bit late, but well wished all the same!

I am going to try to do you meme, but I have to find the time to go through my books first, to make sure I get it just right.

Thank you!

#s 1-3 are awesome. 4 is pretty darn good and 5, 5 I was looking for filler but it is a fun read.