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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Re; Quandary

Fano's suggestion of going to the con and chronicling my adventures was enticing but then it dawned on pilgham that if I was away Friday evening there would be no Brisco County.

He pled with me, pled I tell you, to stay home and, you know, I love the guy, so I caved.

If I'm feeling genki Saturday, I'll brave the dealer's room and perhaps a panel or two.

Why, when Kagome gives birth, does Inuyasha always get sent out? What's up with that? I was happy to have my husband with me.

Also, does Sesshoumaru's Ma have an official name?

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well, if it means you'll be around for the party, i'm all for it!

i think many people think of inu as too weirded out by basic stuff to be around for a birth.... i'm not sure that's how it see it.

no clue if sm has a name... she needs one tho!

ANy suggestions for the name?

Maybe they're afraid he'll scarf the placenta or something

But he has to keep it from the black mikos.

as far as I know, Sessmom doesn't have an official name. I went with Rika for two reasons: 1. my sessmom isn't born into royalty, so the name sounds...common, I guess. 2. rika can mean plum blossom, which looks very much like the flower in the hexagon pattern on Sesshoumaru's kimono...

It was either Rika, or Getsumei, which roughly means "moonlight" or "moon beam". Now, I looked up these names on an online japanese dictionary, so I can't be 100% sure on the accuracy...

I would have liked to have my husband with me when I had Tyler, but at the time he was at another hospital, being poked and prodded by heart specialists over why in hell a guy as young as him had a heart that essentially failed on him.

Meh. I'd chalk it up to fangirls watching too much TV, I guess.

For family togetherness, you should have, at least, been at the same hospital.

I had caesarian in the end, so if pilgham hadn't been with me I would have been just twiddling my thumbs.

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I get that back in the day men were only in on the fun part but as you mention, 95% of fan fic writers have the cultural awareness of an aardvark.

This question was prompted by a fic where Kaede sent IY out (same old, same old) but then Kagome said he could stay (oh, that's different) but then IY got antsy so Kagome sent him out (same old, same old).

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This brings up some interesting questions.

Most of the fics that have Kagome giving birth (at least the ones I read) all say her purity is spiritual rather than bodily so she can still be powerful after enjoying everything Inuyasha has to give up and down the entirety of Japan.

In these same fics, Inuyasha is considered impure because of his mixed blood.

So, since Kagome is so all fired pure, which is stronger her spiritual power or the blood contamination? Can she, in fact, do anything unclean?
Meanwhile, Inuyasha is innately unclean so, really, no problem with him in there with the blood.

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I don't think RT named Sessmom. She's really good for that kind of thing. As for Inu getting kicked out of the delivery room, I think most writers justify it because they don't think he can stand the smell or Kagome in pain. Also, he's from an era where men aren't present for birth. I dunno, I never apprached that issue in any of my stories, personally.

But, strangely, that made me think of my friend Freddy. When his mother had his baby sister, she had him in the delivery room and made him watch to scare him out of having sex too young and getting a girl pregnant. He said it worked. He is still traumatized to this day.

Fortunately, I have never had to see, or feel, a baby being born. I might be traumatized to this day, too.

Good for you for not staying in the death trap. It might have been an interesting experience, of course, but after the fires break out and rage through the purple rooms, I'm sure you'll be happy you stayed home. Enjoy the con, and enjoy your Brisco.

(Brisco County.... Brisco County.... I seem to recall a Brisco County Jr. from somewhere in my past, but no simple Brisco County.... A T.V. show?)

Sessmom doesn't have a name as far as I know. As for InuYasha, I tend to think, even with the customs of the day, that he might turn his nose up at them if he really thought he was needed. I would guess it would depend on Kagome. Just my thoughts on the matter. ^_^

Well, you know after his Pa died, he was supposed to drop the Jr.

Pilgham was just doing his bit to save you from taking a strip off of the lacklustre hotel service and thereby suffering from high blood pressure. Gotta love that guy.

The mother being 'unclean', which I believe Emmet mentioned elsewhere, has parallels in Medieval/Renaissance Europe. A new mother couldn't attend service until she had been 'churched', a ceremony that took place on the porch of the building and officially 'cleansed' her of the 'sin' of procreation. Yes, only the woman had to do this...

pilgham is a big sweetie.

I wonder, if the woman stayed 'unchurched', would that keep all
the 'godly' men off of her?