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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Spent the afternoon researching cockroaches for my next vignette for iy_no_kakera. It is easy to find out how long a roach is but not that easy to find out how tall a roach is. You can find the depth of the body but not height when standing. I guess I'll assume they are pretty low slung with only a little ground clearance.

Another thing I wanted to know was how many legs do you have to take out on one side before it is immobilized. I was sad to find the antennae are for smelling so you can't blind a roach by removing the antennae. The eyes have 2000 lenses. It's not clear to me whether that is the same as two thousand eyes. I guess I'll have to research compound eyes.

Mood: Ignorant
Tune: "Yoda" by Yankovic, 'Weird Al'