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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I am scheduled to attend this convention next weekend at this hotel.

The convention was at the same hotel last year, when I didn't go, and on the forums some attendees had some really negative comments about the hotel. I got a very negative impression when I was trying to make reservations and found that not only is the reservations desk not staffed on weekends, it took more than a week for soemone to return my call. But I figured I'd suck it up and probably have a good time. I actually know people I'm not realted to and could do some Christmas shopping.

Then I found out about this. That prompted more research.

Should I wimp out, cancel my reservation (which by the way, may not even exist considering the service), and stay home in the security of my personal filth?

Mood: worriedwaffling

change plans.
be like everyone else in Illinois and go to the Wisconsin Dells for the weekend

Isn't it too late to get somewhere to stay?

What does one do in the Dells when it's too nippy for water parks?

Vermont. I hear Vermont is good.

My God, don't go! Or don't stay at that dump at any rate. The 'Draw or Die' contest sounded pretty cool.

And I've got a premium membership that guarantees me 'preferred' seating.

I was kind of concerned about the busted doors and fire extinguishers which could affect me in public areas, as well.

I'm always one for staying home in one's personal filth, if that's helpful.

See, our carpet may be a bit crunchy but that beats the hell out of slimy. At least for me.

Oh wow! I'd totally find something else if you can.
I don't know much about that area but you should totally find something better than this... at least livable.

That's one possibility, delay arrival so I get shunted to the backup hotel but I would still have to attend functions in this hell hole.

With my knees and my figure, I don't think I'm up to climbing out the top of the elevator and my bladder certainly isn't up to sitting in it for hours on end.

I dunno - it's only for a couple of days.

But then there's MOLD!

I'm allergic to mold. i willl dieee....

Well, im sucking it up and going for at least a day. I am not eating anything at that hotel or getting a room, needless to say.

Luckily there are restaurants nearby and other venues to eat and use the restroom if needed, so shouldnt be too bad.


Well, I have cancelled the room but I still have membership. I may go just to do my shopping.

I wouldn't go, but that's just me.

But, as I recall, you weren't even considering going?