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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

pilgham generously gave me the plague so between that and my new book, Beguilement by Bujold, I haven't had the time and energy for going online.

About the book, I will say the hero is very, very tall, has golden eyes, just the one hand, is exceptionally well preserved, has strange powers beyond the ken of mortal men and kills monsters for a living.

I really enjoyed the book, like I do all her stuff, but the story clearly isn't done.

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did you know these commnets had emoticons?

bummer about the sickness. it's going around here too (trying to stay hidden)

Re: did you know these commnets had emoticons?

Yes, I knew. This is the only one that sends me. Plus, half the time I forget to change my icon so changing th emeoticon is a lost cause.

I am looking forward to the revisd piece. I will get to it tomorrow when I will be able to focus, I hope.

Re: did you know these commnets had emoticons?

what revised piece?

(is being dense)

Re: did you know these commnets had emoticons?

*head desk*

I 'm sorry. I had you confused with someone else. I blame the germs.

Re: did you know these commnets had emoticons?

XD it's ok. you're still cute.

Re: did you know these commnets had emoticons?

She can't help it, she was just born that way.

Does the hero have long, silvery hair and traipse about in a haori as well?

He keeps his hair short because he can't braid it with one hand.

Also, not as snazzy a dresser as Sesshoumaru-sama.

Grr, now I know how you feel on Saturday morns when your power's out. Our internet has been on the blink until it mysteriously fixed itself.

Last Call, the Powers books is interesting so far. Your book link wouldn't work for me.

Adding to Nelson_Banana's question, was the haori white with red flowers?

No haori, just homespun. It must be an AU.

Make that link work, I wanna see.

It worked!

The Sharing knife? The hero's name is Dag, very close to Dog, Ah Ha, another coincidence.

And yes, I am a dork who spelled NB's name wrong. Sorry 'bout that. *waves to NB*

You know she's just asking for it, having a funny name like that.

However, those people who write Quatic are just imbeciles.

Stop poking, it tickles.

*poke poke poke*

It looks like I'm going to Chelmsford again at the end of the month.

That's not a real place. It's not close enough to Cape.

Like if you were going to Matteson.

Also, not a real place.


I forgive you.

*eyes icon* I take it you get that a lot?

Actually, I had little idea until Midoriko-sama and fenik(?) were snickering about it and made the icon.

lol Yeah, I can see that with Midi. ^.^