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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
It Freakin' SNOWED this Morning

That is all.

EDIT 16:45:

Here it is snowing:

Here is how much we got:


cool! literally.

miss you

I had to scrape the car this morning, too. It's only OCTOBER 12th!

scrape the car. wow.... it's getting cold here too, but not THAT cold!

It is mildly chilly here, partially cloudy, but not really snow weather yet *knock on wood*

It's not supposed to be snow weather yet here either!

I am taking it up with the management.

It is warm and sunny. They say we have a cold front coming. I shall blame you.

Take it up with the management. That's what I am doing.

lucky. Its in the 80s here in virginia today. I hope it gets cold soon.

Are you insane? Isn't Virginia one of those states where 1/4 inch of snow wrecks traffic?

well im on the eastern shore of virginia.. meaning i live right below Maryland. We hardly ever get anysnow here in this place because of all the water on the 3 sides of us.

*snerk* Cool. How much did it snow? I haven't seen real snow in years (icy sleet doesn't count). Tell Philgam I said happy birthday.

I added pics from my phone so you can sort of see.

May 1/2 inch? It stuck briefly but was gone by the time I came home.

It was sorta a surprise to me too here in Elgin. It sucked to have to turn the heat on. Although, I don't know how you are, but I love winter time in Chicagoland. I'm looking forward to more snow. XD

I don't mind wearing a jacket but I do mind when I drive my car and it makes a grinding noise because the oil is so thick it isn't lubricating.

Color me spring and fall.

Oh! Sorry to hear about your car. Ugh, yeah, you have to make sure your car isn't doing THAT during winter. :-(
Good luck with it.

I like spring and fall too, but sometimes, it seems they both last about three days. LOL

My car wasn't doing the grinding thing this morning. THat's only when it's below zero but that's why I hate CHicago winters.

that was not snow, that was sleet.
then there was some flurries.

It may have been sleet where you are. Here it was snow and not flurries.

A bad omen for the coming winter

Yes, and I don't like winter at the best of times.

That's because you don't live here in the summer.

Yikes! There was a cold snap here as well. Went from the eighties to the forties (okay it was probably the fifties, but the weatherman said it could get as low as that). Brrr. I was caught out in it with bare knees and shoulders.

Tell Plgham Happy Birthday and if he makes an appearance, Noko promises to do a Happy Birthday voice post.

Okay, I'm a wimp - just checked and it's 55.

*snorfle* One year when we lived up North I woke up on my b-day to three feet of the white stuff that I swear fell in one cartoonish 'whump' from the sky! That was the earliest snowfall ever in the five years we inhabited the place.

Some people have 'spring showers'; Chicago has 'fall flurries'... makes the pumpkins ripen...