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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Have I mentioned I have a hole in my bathroom wall? I came in one evening, saw it and asked, "Who punched a hole in the wall?"

I was surprised to hear that I had punched a hole in the wall as I had no recollection of such a thing.

On further discussion it developed that pilgham had first observed the hole when he pulled his elbow out of it.

Mood: nerdynormal

Huh?... That is quite puzzling... errr... why was honey's elbow in hole?

He slipped.

Hmmmmm. Blanking out violence, eh? That can't be good.

No, and why was I punching the bathroom wall and not some deserving party?

Of course, it couldn't be you.

Of course not, my violence is restricted to verbiage.

Ah, how noble. Wish me luck; I'm almost off

Was he in a fit of rage?

No. Perhaps he did not fit in the area into which he slipped.

You know no fear.

Noko is correct. pilgham is not a small guy.

Um, a good size, I would say.

And doesn't know his own strength! Stay away from those elbows.

How big was the hole? Maybe its a passage way to an alternate universe!?

I think it is. That must be how the tiny, dodgy aliens got here.