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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Last UK Trip Post Evah! Probably. Maybe.....

If you wondered where I was this last week, I was madly getting my trip pictures up. I still need to go back and add some links but here's the whole kit:

Ouatic-7 Does England and Scotland, 2006

There are pictures that I didn't post at the time but I stole a lot of captions and text from my LJ so I'm not promising a lot of new material. It's really aimed at family. For that, reason, however, MD and pilgham's real names are revealed!

Before we left, bibliofile reminded me that we didn't have to take everything with us, the UK is actually quite civilized. Well, we found this to be true, except when it comes to breakfasts, as our first morning was spent purchasing jeans for the individual who had forgotten to pack any.

However, here are a couple items I was glad to have brought with me (you know how I am about my tools!):

3 Season Jacket

On the one hand, we were going in summer. On the other hand we were going to be at fairly high latitudes and somewhat high altitudes. I bought MD and I jackets where you could wear the shell, the liner or both. And in fact, I wore mine all 3 ways. MD made good use of hers, as well.


Sure, we could have navigated the old fashioned way, but pilgham has a hard time reading in the car. Even before I had the GPS, he bought me the Miscrosoft product. It was good when it came to trip planning but somewhat lacking in some areas, such as maps of Orkney. For that reason I bought iGuidance Europe. I actually ordered it from the company and received a nice email saying they were thinking of discontinuing it. If they did, they would discount it, did I still want the thing? I just needed it for the one trip so I got it at the discounted price.

This software was awesome. The times we went astray it was because we didn't listen to "Naggy" (or when the GPS started acting flaky in Aberdeen and Naggy wasn't sure where we were). After every turn, she would announce the next turn, then again when it was a third of a mile off, then right at the turn. As it turned out, we actually found maps sufficient on Orkey, though Naggy might have saved us some time. We loved her.

I need to get the US product which is still in production.

Mood: impressedaccomplished

I'll have to scroll through the pictures later since I'm being yelled at to leave - You mean Monster daughter isn't really taken after all?

Well, it isn't on her birth certificate if that's what you mean. It's more of a per name, really.

Okay okay - I won't use the name MD then. Gosh!

I bet Naggy would be welcome around our house. Too often I find myself clutching the steering wheel at 80mph, in heavy traffic, yelling, "Will somebody keep an eye out for that exit?"

And, like England, you have all those roundabouts. She would say "Take the third exit," on the roundabouts and she never gets impatient.

Every driver needs a Naggy!

See? The family just wouldn't know.