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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

This morning, I had planned to finally get the vacation pics wrapped up and do something about pilgham's birthday. Instead I'm venting:

Phone: Ring! Ring!

O-7: Hello.

Phone: May I speak to Paul, please?

O-7: (not recognizing voice) Who may I say is calling?

Phone: Tell him it's Matt from the Viet Nam Veterans.

O-7: I'm sorry, we can't do anything for you this time.

Phone: Can I hear that from Paul? It'll just be easier.

This was not the nice lady calling to see if they could come carry away our junk. No, this was the man wanting to sell us new junk. I think we have unopened boxes of trash bags. We probably should give more, but I'm not convinced that buying stuff is the way to do it.

I did hand the phone over to pilgham and he's a smart guy so I'm assuming he had the sense to back me up.

There is nothing that pisses me off more than people who think that by talking to pilgham, they are going over my head.

(I just had a strange sense of deja vu. Did I already post a similar rant a couple of months ago?)

And the way 'Matt' phrased it, like I was trying to break up their twu lub instead of not buy over priced trash bags.

Mood: angrySeething

Noe you just Philgam loves those bags.

And the above the result of spouse havering on in my ear on the subject of making sugar cookies out of cream of rice while I am typing. Then he was offended that I didn't stop and listen. Nothing, I tell, nothing was accomplished out of that minute wasted out of my life.

You and your Vets. You know Philgam loves those bags.

He may love them but it is in a pack ratty sort of way; you need them 'just in case.'

So, are you making sugar cookies out of cream of rice?

And, did you get a chance to play with Writely?

No to either. And I'm working again to night too. ::snarls weakly::

At least it's just up the street this time.

At least it's a short commute and income instead of outgo. In other words, better than a poke in the eye.

Nice.. real nice... As if you didn't even matter. Baka. Heh.. trash bags... Men and their collections sometimes.. I hear you!! give 'em a whack with a rolled up newspaper..

As I said, pilgham is a smart guy; we didn't buy any more trash bags today.

good boy! giggles!! Glad it went good for you.. Hoping the rest of your day goes smoothly and nicely!

we have a pat line that even my son's know.

"sorry, we don't take solicitations over the phone." and hang up...

Normally, I just say "Thank you, no," and, as you say, hang up. Maybe I was hoping pilgham would give the guy an earful? Or I was confused by rage?

the latter, i'm sure

you want me to get my buddies on these people?

Would that be your Uno playing buddies?

who told you about the Uno game? It had to have been Voldy

Of course not. You know it was Pinky. That mouse never could keep a secret.

He came over to play city of Heroes with MD awhile back and mentioned that all the guys were hangin' with you and playing Uno.

There is nothing that pisses me off more than people who think that by talking to pilgham, they are going over my head.

Oh man, I am with you on that one.

While I was married and got solicitations over the phone, I got into the habit of putting people (okay, usually men) off, using my husband as an excuse. This worked so well (sadly), I don't know why I didn't just invent a husband for said purposes years ago.

So, do you still say, "Oh, no, my husband won't let me"?

Back in the day, when solicitors weeren't so forward, they would ask for Mr. T. or Mrs. G. I would say, with perfect truth, "There's no one here by that name," and hang up.

Nowadays, they try to fool you by using given names.

Well, you have your LJ romances, he has his telemarketing romances. Still, I'd be jealous too. He didn't buy the trash bags so that says something

It says he knows well who is in a better position to make his life painful. And that we have an excess capacity of trash bags.

AccuChek is stalking him. They call every couple of days and just won't take no for an answer.

They call every couple of days and just won't take no for an answer.

They've shamed me. I should be doing that to you.

That's why I love caller ID on our phone line... if I don't recognize the number, or it's an exotic area code, I switch the line over to our fax machine. That ear-piercing squeal may not be nice, but it's darn effective in preventing call-backs!

The Viet Nam vets sell garbage bags as a fund raiser? *raises eyebrows* That's a new one for me!

It might not be the Viet Nam Vets, might be one of the other organizations... They also sell fire extinguishers, artificial wreaths at Christmas...

I really like the fax idea.

I really like the fax idea.

It's yours. Have at 'er!

u ok?

Just been busy and feeling antisocial because of my period.

Thanks for asking.

oh. boy can i relate to that (not at the moment, but i do feel hormonal).

glad you're ok in the scheme of stuff. i was worried.

we'll have fun when you come back up for air;)