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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
More Pallbearers?

I did apply Paul's edits. I still wasn't happy with Sesshoumaru so I planned to go through it again. Then Mary said, and Paul agreed, that I basically had no plot. Frankly, that's what I was afraid of. Paul said he would think of something.

Apparently, he couldn't come up with a good idea 'cause he said he was really perfectly fine the way it was. We talked about some ideas at lunch. He mentioned the basic Dr. Who plot where the Dr. arrives in the final steps of some scheme and saves the day. I said that sounds good. He said, Kagome could be the girl side kick and Sessoumaru could be the Dr. I said I thought that was inappropriate because Kagome is the one with all the information. We also discussed where the Shikon goes when the soul it is associated with is not incarnate.

After lunch, I sat down and started editing. It occurred to me that the pallbearers get way more "screen" time in my story than in anything else I've ever seen and maybe I could work with that. I also thought about Spirit World personnel being tempted by the Shikon. I still haven't resolved this entirely. I am pretty happy with my edits so far but I have another couple of pages to do; maybe on lunch tomorrow.

You know, writing a real story, instead of a drabble, is certainly turning into a challenge for me. It's not even that long, about 5000 words, so far.

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