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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
A Miscellany of Memes!

First off...

Best wishes and many happy returns of the day to inuhanyounikkie.

Gacked from darkwing830:

ouatic_7's LiveJournal popularity rating is 2.75/10. ouatic_7 is more popular than 86.2% of all LiveJournal users. ouatic_7 is more popular than 48.0% of their mutual friends. How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

The interesting thing is when you get the results, you see how you compare to your mutual friends. 1.25 is supposed to be average. That's what pilgham has. Meanwhile, evil_and_boo, who haven't posted in months, and are cats, still manage a respectable 1.24.

Meaningless, but interesting.

My Mind Map:

A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap!A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap!Evanston, Illinois - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap!Elgin, Illinois - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap!Jersey City, New Jersey - A Portal to another MindMap! - A Portal to another MindMap!Chicago Metro, IllinoisVirginiaMadison, WisconsinBoggytown, FloridaTexas      AOLPocasset, MassachusettsOklahoma City, Oklahoma

We've seen this before but I've shelled out for the pretty colors and stuff.

Apparently, each color represents a different circle of friends and size, somehow, represents the number of people in that interconnected group.

Also, apparently I should probably friend

tomoeish (by inu_yukai quirkyslayer parsnip_chan foamyfan15010 nelson_bannaba)
empath_eia (by aoi_tsuki1 alf_b quirkyslayer nokomarie nelson_bannaba)
doggieearlover forthrightly (by quirkyslayer nokomarie nelson_bannaba)
prpl_pen (by alf_b parsnip_chan nelson_bannaba)
lotus_faerie (by alf_b quirkyslayer calliope07)
heather_madd (by alf_b quirkyslayer parsnip_chan)

Stolen from l_poetica:

You scored as Hughes. You are Lt. Col. Maes Hughes. You love your family and love to talk about them...a lot (to everyone's annoyance). You have a sharp eye and are quick on your toes and those you underestimate you pay for it when you walk circles around them and take them out.


















What Fullmetal Alchemist character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

OK, perhaps I do brag about MD excessively but no way am I in Hughes class!

And this I borrowed from joisbishmyoga:

Pop Culture Tours of Japan


Thank you so much!! It has been a great day so far!!

I haven't had a chance to look at them yet but I'm thinking I'm gonna get to enjoy your presents so it is way more than "all good".

giggles!! Yep!! I like to share!! The more the merrier!! (except when it comes to my Inuyasha plushies... and most the time Pocky...) lol!!!

Wow aparently I am so unpopular that I don't exist...

*pat, pat*

Once the crawler finds you, will that make me more popular? (That's the important thing!)

NOOOOO!!!! Never that!!! Huggles Inufan.... I'm still in your corner! giggles.. Squeals... I picked up a couple of books that might help me out with some naughty sketches...

hughes, baby! love the guy (just not as muych as Roy)....

cool mind map. i'll have to try that again. last time i did it i didn't have many friends. how did nelson and i end up different colors? some of those yellows are hard to tell apart

Yeah, I wondered about Nelson being orange instead of yellow, myself.

I'm wearing an orange shirt today, maybe that's why.


Oops, actually more tangerine.

Well, I loathe oranges and adore tangerines. Anyway, the AI is probably male and you know they can't tell colors.

Looks like you scored 70% on both Hughes and Mustang - did you have a choice in the matter then? God your insessant family boasting is getting on my last nerve!!!!

Kidding, of course. Mindmap logic still eludes me and my small brain. You should friend everyone, spread the ouatic love.

But then I would have less time for you, my sweet.

And that would be such a shame! :(

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

There's an explanation to click on but as I understand it the size and color of the fonts have nothing to do with how friendly you are with these people.

Instead, it's looking at your friend's list and seeing how many of your friends are friends with each other. So, looking at my example, it appears that you, Noko, Feni and Inusaga, among others, are all friends with each other. The largest interconnected group gets the biggest brightest font. Then you have the next tier, like Nelson, of people who are friends with many of those largest and brightest, but not all. Ans so on. On my map, there are three small gray names. Those people have no connections on the map except to me.

My map isn't a very good example as most of the people on it come out of the Inuyasha fandom so there is a lot of interrelation (THat's the yellow and orange people.). But if you look at the group of medium sized green names at the bottom, Chezsterno and KarenB2 etc., those are people who I knew in real life in HS and they are there own little group.

In short, the thing just picks out how your friends are related to one another.

Clear as mud?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You're friends with artemismoon_san, cyperian, jazzy_fay, l_poetica etc as well, a bunch of people from Zama.

You should be friends with people you enjoy not because they all know each other. On the other hand, you have a good chance of liking the people the people you like hang with. [/sermon]

I stalk some journals because the authors often amuse me. THey haven't friended me back and that's fine with me.

boiler1's LiveJournal popularity rating is 2.30/10.
boiler1 is more popular than 77.4% of all LiveJournal users.
boiler1 is more popular than 29.4% of their mutual friends.

How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

We love you because you are you!

you love me now, but will you respect me in the morning?

As much as I ever did.

Am I not myself? I keep coming up with a short list of friends I have seen before.

Never seen before I mean sorry. I sneezed whilst posting.

There's a lot of computation involved. They email you when it's ready. I could be wrong but I think you were seeing the sample.

I assume so but it still doesn't make me want to give them money.

The monochrome one is free, not that you need one of these to see who your friends are.

Cool. I luv Hughes. I teared up a little when he died.

Being of a certain age when hormones are in an uproar, with me it was more than a little. Not sobbing but definite tears. I hate leaking like that.

I know how those hormones can be. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I cried during an episode of Sesame Street. Never mind the episode of ER when Dr. Green died. I bawled like a baby all the way through.