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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Rolling Around in the Mud

In a benighted effort to take prettier pictures I took a photography class Sunday afternoon. It was entitled "Elements of Composition".

It met at a not so local forest preserve and we couldn't have had a nicer day for it.

The class took place by the side of a pond. We were told to pick one subject and just shoot that. I found the pond too bland subtle to be inspiring.

I finally found a Commonwealth Edison Utility box tucked away in a copse. Now that was something I could work with!

After we selected our siubjects and shot them the first time we were asked what they were. One gentleman expressed envy. He was making do with the "No Drowning" sign. The instructor made some snarky comment about "art".

Molten Utility Box.

Little flags from in front of the box. This was from trying different angles. For this particular one I lay across the top of the utility box. I also have some of these flaglets where I lay flat on the muddy ground (when Art calls, who am I not to answer?)

Lagniappe. This was supposed to be a shot of the yellow and black plastic tape. Instead, by accident, I got a nice (I think) pic of the turning sprig.

I did shoot other stuff though. This piicture is a failure in there isn't enough emphasis on the fruit in the lower right but it has depth of field (I think) which is all new to me so was a success in that regard.

These were two of the students who were asked to stand looking at the pond and we discussed how we would frame them. Here's mine.

Did I learn anything? Yes, I learned that taking 100+ pictures with my new cameral makes my arm sore. It's heavy!


Pic #2 with the contrast provided by the plants growing from the disturbed ground was quite nice.

Pic #6 was actually flat-out good. Two successful pictures in 100 shots? Priceless.

I thnk you are too kind but I will walk with a spring in my step all day, anyway. Thank you.

Where's that blanket fic?

Pictures are pictures to me. But the scenery was lovely. ^_^

I'm pretty much the same way. I just want my vacation snaps to be less boring.

loved the first two... the molten utility box.... well, the coloring was nice @_@

I liked the color on the utility box but I agree it wasn't one of the best.


i meant to mention that your camera has awesom resolution too!

Nice pictures, scenery looks nice. My fav one has to be the ComEd shot though.

There's 12 of us out there, 11 madly shooting nature. And me.

I like number two and the young lovers, but I really liked the idea of you rolling around in the mud taking that low shot. Did you eat the berries?

Pretty nice scenery - I always think of you as a big city gal. What kind of camera did you use now?

Did not eat anything.

I'm a lifelong suburbanite. Actually, there is a forest preserve with deer in it within walking distance but this was way to heck and gone south.

For our anniversary, pilgham and I got Canon Rebel XT so I'm in the process of learning enough of the SLR stuff to get by.

We have a lake with ducks (and duck poop).

Should have gotten it last anniversary, in time for the overseas jaunt. You'll have to post more good pics as you progress in your mastery of the Canon.

Wonderful pictures. I especially like the one with the caution tape in them ^__^

Thanks, I think that is my favorite, as well.


I liked the last picture. But I figured out there must have been three of you or a little ground squirrel took that picture. which is right?

Re: hi

I took the picture. There were 12 of us. I don't even know those people.