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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Why Can't Men Read Directions?

2 cases in point from yesterday:

  1. A while back my FIL was showing me his new camera and I mentioned that I format my chip every time I clear the pics off of it; I have read in multiple places that this is a good thing to do. So, yesterday, he was saying he couldn't find anything in the manual on formatting. I had him send me the model and looked it up in the manual online. It took all of 2 minutes and I didn't even have the manual or camera!

  2. After that, I went to see Fearless. We were supposed to meet in the bar at the theater:

    The Group will meet inside the Rhythm Room Bar by the chairs which is located inside the theatre next to the escalators at 2:00PM.

    I arrived at the appointed hour and spent 30 minutes chatting with SilverDragon. No one else showed. After the movie, we encountered two guys who hadn't been able to find us. I will tell you, this theater only has the one bar.

Mood: cynicalsnarky

You have a theater with a bar?

2 out of the last 3 theaters I have gone to had bars.

I would go to more movies if I had such a fine way of wasting my money.

I will say I did not actually partake yesterday. FOr one thing, they didn't have my tipple.


Just about done dreaming up that blanket scenario.

It's testosterone poisoning...starts in the womb when that hormone hits their brain cells and they develop their Wolffian ducts (yeah, there goes the reference to Kouga, lol). The poor things can't help it that their brain is wired all wrong!

So, you're saying only a man with low testosterine compared to girly hormones have the ability to follow directions?

Nope...as soon as the Y chromosome hits they can't even ASK for directions. It's hardwired into their brains!

So that's why pilgham, being an intelligent person and seeing the need, has to send me to ask for directions?

Yup...but it is a testament to his intelligence that he realizes he needs to ask (but like all males he won't ask himself...just too embarrassed about the lack of associative cortex in his brain).

Is he reading this? Does he know where I live? Not that I'm worried, mind you...

don't know the answer. but it's so true...

My FIL has the excuse that he's getting a bit ga-ga in his old age but one of the movie guys flat out admitted he didn't bother to read the directions. Apparently, it's just better to show up and mill around fruitlessly.

That was freaking hiliarious!! and so so very true!! Only one bar.... LMAO!! One bar!! I think that is the funniest!!! Is thinking maybe picture directions next for those guys.. .. or a Travel Guide.... LMAO!! Maybe it's in their genetic make up...

Sorry to be so cliche but glad you were amused anyways.

Perhaps... there should be a site where all the dumb things men do can be collected. Maybe for Scienitific use and research!! proceeds to fall over laughing..... I will seriously get the biggest laugh out of the one bar for a few days to come!! Thank you for sharing with us... ( Now to cheer you up... go to my journal and offer up opinion of my Inuyasha in The Full Inu..)

My husband and my first argument was on our honeymoon, when he refused to ask for directions and I got frustrated.

I will say that while my husband may not ask for directions, he's happy to send me off to get them. "I'm shy," he says.

I won't do that anymore. He always asks me a hundred questions after I get back with the directions, then gets irritated if they aren't all he thought they should be. I always wonder if he orchestrated some test behind my back.

let us explore the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
when giving out instructions, it is best to use as few syllables as possible. If you go over two grunts, you might start to confuse men.

Now was ity possible that the men could have misunderstood the bar item by thinking it was the bar down the street???

And when you said bar, did you assume that they would know to go to the counter with the booze and not the I-beam holding up the building?

Also note...when giving out instructions, you might have to explain each word three times to us.

Do you understand?

Are you sure?

you ok with this?

very well...lesson over

I guess I've just been spoiled 'cuz the men I usually spend time with will read and comprehend instructions and sing while they do it (That second part is a lie. Only MD and I sing the instructions.).

You went to the movies with whom? Silverdragon? Is that a new nickname for plgham?

Corey AKA SilverDragon (not everyone has a cool name like NElson or Ouatic) is a member of my anime group and runs a corresponding Asian movie group. This was an Asian movie outing.

I was going to point you at his MySpace but ewww!

Ewww for me or for myspace? Point me there anyway, curiosity is piqued.

Ewww because of some of the stuff on his page.


I guess some of the ick stuff may be comments from other people?

I'll have to study it later, but all I saw in a quick glance was the toddler in the "I'm living proof my mom likes to..."