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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Avast There Ye Bilge Rats!

It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day so don't ye be a lubber! It be a day for grog, and plenty of it, and boarding the proud bishies!

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Mood: giddyPiratical!
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Ye scurvy knave! I could not ken a word until the hearty translator put it into me lingo.

very well then! Avast!! Since i am a fermer sailor an' engineer (the hole snipes be just the same as pirates)i shall give ye a nice sea story.

Now we all know how all sea stories begin

I REMEMBER BACK IN 1987...We were off the coast o' Hampton Roads doin' some sea trials. The ship had been layed up that winter fer repairs in Baltim're. When we hit the ocean, the waves got bigger an' m're fierce. the sea puppies were havin' a rough time. They were too soft due t' the fact that the ship normally han'les the sea with very smooth han'lin'. the old salts held bets on how many sea puppies were goin' t' eat thier lunch again! Avast!! One puppy made the mistake o' watchin' the bilges while they were bein' pumped out. he had his lunch an' breakfast three times. The salts were wonderin' how these puppies would han'le ridin' out the gales on a frigate instead o' a tender

another story THAT BE TRUE... the engineer..er..the snipes would always eat at the same table in the mess deck. One day, while we be in port, one o' the hull techs had t' clean the CHT tank in the aft section! Avast!! (in navy terminology CHT=Shit) A problem occured with the pump in the tank an' the hull tech had climb int' the tank t' clean it out. The EDO (Engineer Duty Officer) wanted t' be infermed as well as the the Engineerin' Division heads (Duty R, Duty M, Duty B, Duty A, an' Duty E) So the nice hulltech came back on the mess deck an' reported what he found in the tank. Ye guessed it, twenty seconds later, the only people on the mess deck were the snipes. The nice hull tech brought a lovely arouma t' the mess deck. We finished our chow with a most wonderful smell.

And fine stories they be, too. Ye can sail on me ship anytime, me hearty!

you sound like one of them fresh air squids. I hear the fresh air affecvts the speech lingo. Being a true snipe, my lingo is quite different, however i am not permitted to use such terminology.
The oil, steam, and fuel does certain things to the lingo. Everyother word beocomes firetruck (without the "iretr")
fresh sea air is bad, steam is firetruckin good.
the squids think they can clean the deck with firetruckin water and soap, but a snipe uses the firetruckin steam hose. all 625 psi of it.
Of course, now a days, the squids just go over and turn on the firetruckin emergency water-wash system. So we squids, will line up the freshwater water-wash with firetruckin seawater
And to really make the squids have a bad day, we pick the best time to perform PM on the ventalation fans. (Middle of the firetruckin night)(hehehehehehehe)
But enough talking about how snipes stick it to deck apes