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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Avast There Ye Bilge Rats!

It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day so don't ye be a lubber! It be a day for grog, and plenty of it, and boarding the proud bishies!

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Mood: giddyPiratical!
Tune: MUSICMATCH Jukebox

'Overhauling' as in 'careening', or as in boardin' and plunderin'?

What flag they be flyin'?

That be Naraku's Spider Crest, arrr! Ye old spider's hunted Inuyasha's booty 50 years, arrr!

Avast! Thar be silver in those breeches!

Ahoy, matey! Do ye be Ren, cap'n of the good ship 'Bachan's Pride'? Welcome aboard, me hearty! Press the 'x' if ye be of a 'friendly' persuasion.

Ye must read me last post, to ken why I giggled meself silly (in a piratical sort of tone) when ye said Naraku had 'hunted Inuyasha's booty'...

Arrr, de 'X' be pressed ye matey. Har har har...any while them doggy's breeches be a plunderin', I be uncoverin' Koga's booty, arrr!

*snickers* Koga's booty be a-shakin'!

Boardin' and plunderin' o' course! Mostly boardin'.

I volunteers for duty in searchin' those bishies' breeches for silver!

Stand aside ye blaggard! Those breeches be the loot o' Cap'n me.

It will be share an' share alike but I get me share first.

Damned well out-sailing.