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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Bad Day in the Kitchen

I don't think my story compares to nokomarie's or nelson_bannaba's. The fire department was not called. Not pots were destroyed. I just don't measure up. Oh. sure I did burn rice onto the bottom of a saucepan once and I've tried to put too much mole sauce makings in the blender so it came shooting out in an exciting chocalate and spice fountain, but these were very localized. Anyways, here is my entry.

I once had an ecellent Chinese cook book, I don't remember the name, it was some non-descript paperback I picked up remaindered. This was back in the day before we were married when I still cooked. I decided to make kung pao chicken. One of the steps was to scorch the peppers. The book warned that the smoke off the peppers would be quite an irritant to the eyes and nose and to make sure the extractor fan was running.

Well, in those days, we lived in an apartment that was the third floor of the purple lady's house which we had to walk through to get to our door. I have had less conveniently set-up kitchens but it didn't have an extractor fan. We did have a fan in the kitchen window, though. I was not deterred. Sure enough, when it came time to scorch the peppers, a horrid stinging smoke came off them. It filled the apartment. It set of the smoke detector. It made pilgham get all excited. I must have turned the fire off but once you have smoke like that it doesn't just go away.

We herded the cats into the stairwell to be below the smoke and pilgham braved the worst of it to turn on the kitchen fan. Nothing happened. He was a bit panicy so I sent him to the stairwell and went myself. What with the tears and the smoke and stuff, the fan was only half plugged in. I fixed that, the smoke was pulled out, while we sat in the stairwell, and I finished the kung bao chicken.

As I recall, it was quite tasty but I never made it again.

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You lived with a purple lady?

Yes. She was a friend of my mother's. She loved purple and green. The house was purple and green. She wore purple and green. I believe I have a picture of her at my wedding in a purple formal and a mink (this may surprise you as, if you cast your mind pack to the wedding picture Iposted awhile back, you will recall my dress was calf length).

Well I'm glad someone did honor to the occasion. My great grand aunt Anne and her sister Celia was like that.

Apparently she had another, grander, wedding to go to after.

Mmm...Kung Pao Chicken! Yummy, although I'll be sure to only order that as take out since eye irritants and me just don't get along. Just ask my roomate; I can barely stand to cut an onion.

Never slice onions in the food processor. It makes me incredibly weepy.

You have an adventurous spirit - it's one thing to accidently burn water, microwaves or broccoli and quite another to burn exotic peppers on purpose and suffer for you art. *bows*

Well, I was young and foolish ans till cooked. I'm not thoses things anymore. Except foolish.

But you're our kind of foolish, sweetie.