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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I'm So Thrifty, Oh So Thrifty

Some may already have seen these...

I try not to go on LJ when I'm here:


Big brothers and I:

Photographic proof that I was once cuter than a dozen buttons:

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it's actually nice to see them all in one place! love that pic w/ your dad. you both look so happy!

I don't know. I think Daddy has a funny expression.

MD says they run in the family.

LOL. she would know...

picture #1 for me, that is the first idea to goto lj when i am stuck in a cubicle

It's really a very nice cube, double wide and everything.

And I've got a side entrance which makes it harder for people to sneak up on me!

Well, I've never seen these before. You were cut, though. Looks like someone is the baby of the family.

Yeppers, G (the one with the BB gun) is 11 years older than I (my younger brother!) and M is 13 years older. They both moved out before I was through elementary school.

I know you had mentioned that both of your parents had passed. Are your brothers still around?

Oh, sure. M moved retired to Gassville, Arkansas last year from Minneapolis so he could fish.

G lives outside of Denver and nowadays loads his own ammo. Strangely, G's only child is a couple of years younger than MD. He and his wife adopted her grandson and he's quite the proud Dad.

Awesometastic. I have four sisters. Three I haven't seen in 13 years, the other I haven't seen in 7. I haven't met any of my nieces and nephews. It's kind of sad how dissociated my family is from one another.

Well, I wouldn't call myself close to my brothers but we are on amiable terms and I have seen them more recently than 7 years ago.

Do you repine about not being closer to your siblings or is that the way you like it? My mother absolutely loathed her father and her druthers would have been to have absolutely nothing to do with the man.

The three are my dad's kids from his second marriage, so I never saw that much of them. The sister I grew up with has all sorts of emotional and life problems that make me worry about her, but we hated each other (literally) growing up so we aren't that close. She is hopelessly dependant on my parents for support while I have nothing to do with them. She's 27 and an emotional adolescent. So, no I don't really regret not being closer to my siblings. I do dread the day I get the phone call letting me know the newest loser she's with killed her or something, though.

I missed the last two. Your brothers look awfully protective of you with that gun and all. In both you look absolutely adorable! You were a lump of sugar, defintely.

If you look at their smirks, I think they were going for that whole hillbilly vibe but they were pretty doting in that "only we are allowed to pick on you" way.

Arkansas is where one of them resides now, almost forgot.

Yes, def. cute as a button, you should post these on ShinGen

I like your workspace, mine needs some redecorating

Except possibly my MD and Totoro, don't really see the connection to Shin-Gen.

I've been in this cube since the end of 1999 so I've had plenty of time to accumulate stuff. Plus, being a remote office Nobody is too hard nosed about enforcing any corporate rulles against having stuff.

You were adorable!

I am now consumed with cube-envy. Your furniture is much nicer than mine, and a double-wide with side-entry!

It'll all change when our lease is up and we move. We'll be back to corporate standards. Right now, my boss has a much nicer office than his boss. R has a door that closes and a picture window. His boss' office is smaller and has no window.

I'm not looking forward to the move, smaller cube and longer drive.

I don't want to be in a cube. It looks scary. So do your brothers. And you find monsters at your bus stop.

I love my cube! I hate when I have to go to a PC elsewhere without all my comforts. Of course, working from home would be better...

My SIL has friends who won't leave messages if G, the one with the BB gun, answers the phone because they are scared of him. Meanwhile, when my mother had to move near one of us, she selected G as the most amiable.

And as for the bus stop, those little girls are hardly ever there.

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My only objection to a cubicle is it isn't an office. WHere I am now, I have one neighbor and we get along fine and no one else is around us so I don't mind the cube thing.

Usually, I enjoy my work but, like all work, it's not for every one.