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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Suburbanite's Hell

Went into the city today to see The Protector. I successfully drove the highways and downtown with my mad navigational skilz, plus the expressway feeds you right to the cinema and then right back out to the highway.

Parking... Parking was $21 for 3 hours and that was with validation! Plus, leaving the garage I was flummoxed by the multitude of exit options presents and waffled. The gates sensed my waffling and none went up, trapping me forever. I'm still there and probably will be for eternity.

Mood: anxiousanxious

You cannot fool the gates. Give up all hope.

Maybe I could rush them? It's not like I haven't paid and stuff; they just sensed fear.

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But how was the movie?

I was entertained but the guy I was with has it on DVD uncut and said it was severely edited, changing the gender of one character, removing another's introduction and replacing the original sound track with rap.

Awesome action, though it was a good thing gun toting thugs were thin on the ground.

I shouldn't have asked. I was eager to see it, now when I do I'm going to know it was edited.

so, parking=$21
you and S.O. tickets= $18 (guessing)
snacks= $15

ooops...forgot gas=$5

so we are talking give or take about $60 just to go to the movie.

S.O. did not come so I couln't even amortize the parking across 2 people.

It was a matinee so ticket was $7.50. I don't normally do snacks but indulged this time, $6. But that is all standard... It was the parking that was the smack in the face.

my favorite part of this post is the 'anxious' cat. what a cutie! i can' see why you're still all wound up. i hate going into the city and paying those fees. one reason i'm gald we have metro.

so, can you sleep in your car comfortably tonight?

We have public transportation but I am far enough out that I would have to take the commuter train which may not even run on Saturday or drive to the El. Either way, we are looking at a prett lengthy trip.

No, I won't be able to sleep comfortably. Al those people behind me who can't get out because I am blocking the exit keep honking their damn horns in a less than helpful manner.

this is why we people in the city like to take public transportation - and avoid being raped by parking fees - especially downtown.

When I lived in the city or Evanston I would have taken the El but from here it would have been like a 90 minute trip each way as opposed to 35 each way driving. Plus I thought the validation would be better than 3 dollars!

The movie validation in Evanston covers the entire amount for 4 hours of parking.

Serves you right for venturing out of your protected space!

What the Hell was I thinking, I could have been trapped in a parking garage for all eternity!

Oh, wait, I was!

Dang, you're still in there? They're going to make you pay for more time.

Still there? I'll visit next time I'm in town. Tap on the bars.