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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Warning! A Visual Representation of the Inside of my Head

Gacked from karenb2:

Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
The thing had enormous difficulty with "xover". I didn't even know about audio xovers until this week when I was researching speakers. On the other hand, you get the idea that I like anime.

NOTE: I did replace some of the smuttier pics to preserve the sensibility of the more sensitive readers. Plus they were so small as to be pointless.


scary title. nice imagry. yes. you do like anime! and technology... and GITS indicats both together. is that philhm? yea, Mrs. Higurashi!

what's in the bottom row, third pic?

The collage reformats for your screen. My bottom row has only 2 pics in it. How many pictures after the one you are asking about?

only one.

i did one too. was only mildly satisfied with the result so am not posting....

Frankly, I have no idea. It has to do with xover, though, I think?

Did you tinker a bit to see if you could get some better pics?

tinker how? i just saw where you put in your username...

anyhoo, gotta go now. 8am meeting (ugh!)

have a nice day!

I saw a lot of things I recognized. Like the screenshot from Army of Darkness. Some I didn't and wondered about. Like, what's Ragnarok? And where did you find that pic of InuYasha and Kagome with the baby. That was cute.

I didn't even see the Ragnarok pic. I would have changed it if I did. It's a manhwa. MD liked it but it left me cold.

I don't know where the pic of hanyou Kagome, et al came from but I liked it better than the alternatives.

Nice collage, I will try and put one up

I will be interested to see it.

Kind of hard to figure out. I wonder if I have the energy.

You type in your username and press enter - how hard can that be?

Remember that she has a mutinous computer.

Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424</

I was a little disappointed that you got Johnny Depp and Black Adder and I didn't! At least I got the plunger and the wheelbarrow. I guess. *pouts*

Do you have Blackadder in your interests?

I have no idea where JD came from but it was one where I clicked through a few options and that was the most photogenic.

Your 6th picture was one I rejected because I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. So what is it?

No Black Adder, but didn't realize you did either. I didn't realize there were different options either - should have checked so that I could get Johnny as well.

Number six - that's some girl-on-girl I think, right? You should know.

Hurrah for 'Black Adder'!

Can't watch Hugh Laurie in 'House', since every time I try, I channel his foppish incarnations in 'Black Adder' and in 'Jeeves & Wooster'...

Hurrah for all the anime, too. Duo from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' was my first love.

Rocket J. Squirrel was my first love.
I need an icon.

I have a blurry pic of a caffeine-fuelled squirrel, if that helps.

Only if it's Rocky though I wouldn't say no to a Slappy pic.

Thanks anyways.

Blackadder AND Samurai Deeper Kyo! Someone after my own heart!


Clearly soulmates!

Ummm, where did you come from? Not that I mind or anything, it's just your arrival is somewhat mysterious.

Oh, OK--introduction is in order. I read manga, IY first and foremost, but also RK, Bleach, SDK, Furuba, read fan fiction, have co-written a little fan fiction with my daughter. I found you guys through nelson bannaba and fenikkusuken. My name's Lucinda, I usually go by Lu. My username comes from another passion, kumihimo (Japanese silk braiding) and the takadai, which is one of the braiding looms.


Oh, any friend of Nelson's and Feni's is a friend of mine.

How old's your brat? Mine has just turned 16.

I have two--the one I write with just turned 24