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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Waxing Nostalgic

Today is the 26th anniversary of the night I met pilgham.

It was Friday night at a party. I was with my friend Pam (see #2). She was going back to school the next day and felt she had to put in an appearance then we would go elsewhere. I went dressed to make the guys I was planning on ignoring eat their hearts out in a mesh shirt with nothing underneath (how the heck did I get out of the house?). It worked well. I took pity on one young man and engaged him in conversation.

Pam couldn't pull me away until midnight and that was only because I had school the next day. As it was, I didn't manage to get to sleep until about 2:30 and was up at 5 telling my mother about the guy I met. pilgham says he didn't get any sleep that night either, but that was because the transmission fell out of the car on the way home.

We did exchange phone numbers so I asked the guy out and we had our first date Monday. The rest is history.

NOTE: pilgham says he's pretty sure I had something on underneath the shirt.

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I didn't remember that Pam was there, just that I invited everyone I knew and liked. I was (naively) certain that you'd all like each other and become friends, because you were all cool people. Glad that it worked for you guys, at least.

I think ithiriel invited Pam. Who invited me, if anyone, I couldn't tell you.

what a great story! congratulations to both of you. and it's cool that you still know these people so well. our mutual friends are long gone.... and it was only about 20 years ago. sigh. how romantic!

Well, ummm, you know it's the wonder of LJ.

that is such...sniff...a lovely story, i could not...sniff...help...my self...
go on to the next posts....
such a happy ending...sniffs dniffs...*Cries on Aoi's shoulder*
such a happy story.

But what about the poor car? Just dropping its trnasmission like that? So sad!

It is so cute that you remember the day you met your husband. ^_^

Hell, I can tell you the first thing I said to him. He made a big impression.

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Quite romantic - love at first sight!

I like your version of the shirt story.

I believe her version.

I have to think. If I recall correctly, Richard and I met sometime around the 16th, during a fire drill. It was chilly that day and I had no coat and no bra neither. A girlfriend and I cuddled under the ever-friendly Richard's coat. He sure noticed I didn't have a bra and he tells me I had an effect on him that he was hard put to handle for most of the rest of the day. That would be...crud, 25 years ago, been married most of it.

You hussy, you!

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It would have been our wedding anniversary, too if there hadn't been stuff.

Congrats!!!What a nice story, hope you have fun celebrating

Thanks much.

We usually go to Dave's Italian Kitchen in Evanston which is where we went on our first date. It's moved since then but is otherwise much the same.

Sorry I'm late in saying happy 1st meeting annaversary. So I'll be early in wishing you a happy 1st date annaversary :)

Thanks much.

It's a mad round of us staying home and watching anime, strangely similar to what we do every other night.