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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Story Rec: Toward a Dark Horizon

Title: Toward a Dark Horizon
Author: Philippa
Rating: T
Fandom: Batman Begins
Summary: When Bruce's custody of Richard Grayson is challenged, he finds himself in a deadly race to discover the truth about his young ward.

Cecilia Somerville is ostensibly staying at Wayne Manor for a couple of weeks to verify that the playboy is providing a good home environment for Dick. No one likes her because she's there to rock the boat and is abrasive about it. OK, the prmeise is a little thin; Gotham City Child Services probably wouldn't look that closely at Bruce Wayne's parenting skills.

Meanwhile, there is a new villain in Gotham and a new drug cartel and Somerville has a mysterious past involving drug dealers and torture...

I'm all about the canon pairings. Except for Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi who will become canon, I know. I don't read fics which pair an OC with a main character. Except in the case of Toward a Dark Horizon, where I am hoping the OC, Somerville, gets Bruce. Of course, it helps that I didn't like Rachel in the movie... But what is so fabulous about Somerville is she may not even want Bruce!

I'm never very good at explaining why I like a fic so I thought I would include an excerpt. I found plenty I liked but they were long and depended on preceding chapters so once again I'm incoherent and vague. I will say that one of the things I like about Toward a Dark Horizon is all of the adult characters are on task. They are too busy working/scheming to angst about any wounds, physical or emotional.

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