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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Story Rec: Toward a Dark Horizon

Title: Toward a Dark Horizon
Author: Philippa
Rating: T
Fandom: Batman Begins
Summary: When Bruce's custody of Richard Grayson is challenged, he finds himself in a deadly race to discover the truth about his young ward.

Cecilia Somerville is ostensibly staying at Wayne Manor for a couple of weeks to verify that the playboy is providing a good home environment for Dick. No one likes her because she's there to rock the boat and is abrasive about it. OK, the prmeise is a little thin; Gotham City Child Services probably wouldn't look that closely at Bruce Wayne's parenting skills.

Meanwhile, there is a new villain in Gotham and a new drug cartel and Somerville has a mysterious past involving drug dealers and torture...

I'm all about the canon pairings. Except for Sesshoumaru and Mrs. Higurashi who will become canon, I know. I don't read fics which pair an OC with a main character. Except in the case of Toward a Dark Horizon, where I am hoping the OC, Somerville, gets Bruce. Of course, it helps that I didn't like Rachel in the movie... But what is so fabulous about Somerville is she may not even want Bruce!

I'm never very good at explaining why I like a fic so I thought I would include an excerpt. I found plenty I liked but they were long and depended on preceding chapters so once again I'm incoherent and vague. I will say that one of the things I like about Toward a Dark Horizon is all of the adult characters are on task. They are too busy working/scheming to angst about any wounds, physical or emotional.

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You sure get around. It does sound like a neat plot.

When I find an author I like, I'll stick with her even if it's out of my fandom.

I think the first thing I read by her was A Spinner's Tale, an update of Rumplestiltskin. She also started a LOTR fic that is very amusing and I never read LOTR.

You should stalk her.

I would if she was on LJ but she's on MyOwnJournal and it's just to answer reviews.

A good stalker would go there anyway.

just wanted you to know that if i were a reader, i would read this on your rec. but i'm not. i can't even read the stuff in my own fandom i should. i'm so bad that way (and reading's hard for me and my eyes are bad....). but it's neat to know that you can get outside your own fandom to follow quality. maybe you should rejoin IYFG and volunteer for their new "Quality Committee" to screen fics nominated. they could use some help over there on that subject, i think....

just sayin'.....


Can't "rejoin" IYFG because I have never belonged. And the way you lot discuss it makes it sound so enticing.

haha. well. i guess that's true enough. ha.

I guess you doped out thyat the anonymous one was me?

yep. it was pretty obvious. you weren't TRYING to be anon were you?

You know it is.

So, you are all in your own head? How can you be sure this is me?

sometimes i am... sometimes it's nice... sometimes it's not...

never was. never will be. i can only hope.