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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Champagne for Everyone!

I finally got all the chapters of Watcher in the Darkness back to rya_kelley. which means she can't blow people off by saying it's still at the bleeping beta's. Plus, now when I'm reading other fan-fic I can do it guilt-free!

Does this mean I have to get back to work on my Jaken smut?

I watched the first couple eps of Hana Yori Dango over breakfast this morning. Halfway through the first one, I decided the show definitely needed one of the YYH guys.

At first, I went obvious and was thinking Kurama. Shuichi Minamino would totally pwn the 4F without trying.

But, then I was thinking Kuwa-chan. We don't know anything, at least from the anime, about his high school career except he has one. On the one hand, he would take no guff from other students, on the other hand he has to avoid getting expelled or Shizuru will kick his ass.

Probably never write this, have a drawer in my brain filled with these, but it's fun discussing with MD.

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*struggles free* Nothing personal, sentiment appreciated but I only hug MD and Pilgham.

Tell me more about your Jaken smut! Details!

She's just teasing you. Ouatic is secretly a writer of Kagome-fluff.

Can't I write Jaken fluff?

You volunteered to beta it, back in the day. I don't want to give away details but I will say it should get me many more flames than you got from Strange Love. I f anyone reads it. Which can't happen until I finish the darn thing.

At least it is all typed up. It sat in a notebook for 6 months.

I, for one, would like to seem some YYH coming out of your fingertips. The one you started oh-so-long-ago had a lot of promise.

And of course, the drabble with Kuwabura's Mary Sue was priceless *grin*

I actually plotted most of that GTO crossover out and wrote the last chapter plus some other segments.

I have a lot of stuff that's never seen the light of day. Possibly because I am intimidated by you lot but probably because it's not very good.

Intimidated what! Pshaw--Oh, wait, I get intimidated by black_lavendar too.

*starts up club for writers to scared to unmask their mediocrity*

Maybe we should convince the masses over at the pit to look into this...

congrats on getting that monkey off your back. not inusaga. just the monkey. so you can enjoy your weekend!

Oh, but there are more monkeys.

I gotta finish posting trip pictures so when I see the in-laws Monday I will have something to show them. Pilgham can do the captions, though.

family monkeys are different. they bite more.

Jaken smut? I'm all for it :D Jaken/Sess, Jaken/Sess!Mom, Jaken/Rin, I can take it. Really. After the trauma I suffered yesterday I can handle anything :P Except epi...whatever that was... ::shivers:: Clearly women must be the stronger sex.

Hmmm, a guy's viewpoint would be helpful but you would probably be like, "That's not how it works" "No, never happen" "It's automatic" and stuff, bursting my bubble all over the place.

Besides, the questions might be more than a tad disturbing.