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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Early to Bed Makes Ouatic-7 Rise with the Shakes

223K 1:08
“Was there a tone? I didn't hear a tone.

Ummm...This is O-7 spamming you all again. It's 9:00 at night and I've gone to bed and Pilgham has gone to bed and MD has gone to bed because we had another power failure and somehow ummm that seemed like the thing to do.

We used to only have power failures on Tuesdays and Pilgham would have to call his Dad to record Buffy for me. ANd My MIL ... my FIL was nice enough to do that for us even though he thought we were crazy.

So I was gonna comment on stuff and read stuff but that's not happening.

Good Night.”

Transcribed by: ouatic_7


oooops must have hit the wrong switch at the distribution station....hehehehehhehehehehe

hope your power comes on soon

It was about midnight so I was glad I didn't wait up for it.

This is what happens when you take time off to spend with the Mrs. Some n00b screws over my Friday evening!

All right, we already had the pizza, wine, Brisco County and family togetherness so it wasn't a total loss. But still!

That's it. I'm doing a voice-post now. You talked me into it.

Mine was too dumb, so I took it down.

As I write this, I haven't listened to this one yet. However, pilgham did make a snide comment about it after I hung up. I got flustered. I meant to put both he and MD on.

They were asleep, right - you should have put him on snoring.

Until I started talking.

Then the snide comment was revenge. Regard it not.

Done! I've moved on.
*sob* he was so mean!

OK, fine now.

See? I do it all the time. ::Simmers quietly:: And no, we were Not proper adults at at 28 except by circumstance and maybe Meaghan's friends will be happier spending the day with others at Six Flags instead of some other version of "adult" life.

There, see? All sunshiny now.

If he woke up, he could've said something then.

Ahhh...a fellow Buffy fan i see, I have been since the first episode played on the WB.


Aren't you supposed to be at work?

I'm home sick, myself.

Yup, always at my job "working"
Sick days are nice, that is if ur not actually sick or too sick to enjoy them.