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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Jerry Springer! I Meant Jerry Springer!

223K 1:09
“This is O-7... I'm waiting on my car and so I thought I'd spam you all. I've finished playing Sudoku. I got tired of playing Bejeweled and most especially I got tired of the TV they have in the waiting room.

While I was there they had <i>The Partridge Family</i>, <i>The Facts of Life</i> <i>Different Strokes</i>. I guess I should count my blessings though. It could have been worse. It could have been ...Oh, I'm fogeying all over the place. Umm... One of those talk shows... <i>Sally Jesse</i> and that kind of thing. Anyways, so, why do they always have crappy TV at the...in waiting rooms?


Transcribed by: ouatic_7

They also played Good Times. It may have been ME TV but it wasn't my TV.

The nice young manager told me his life story and bought me a drink. One of the mechanics, another nice young man, told me the life story of his car. Do I have "Mother" tattooed across my forehead?

Note to Noko: I was no more successful at fixing their computer than I have been at fixing yours.

Mood: surprisedsurprised

It's only fair to warn you that my computer sucks. I can't hear anything. You didn't talk about me, did you?

Why, yes, yes I did.

;_; Mean betas make InuSaga sad.

The post only works for me if I click on the arrow.

I said I talked about you. I was probably full of praise for your writing talent and mad snarking skillz.

what is worse? freom my point of view...LMN...or even just Lifetime t.v.

but the good news is, *sings* the kids are gone, the kids are gone, the kids are gone, yeah, yeah, yeah


Congratulations on your freedom!

LMN=Lifetime Movie Network


I'm with you. I want to watch movies about problems that can be solved by blowing stuff up.

I watched the Monk season premier - made me feel better.

My, my - all that suffering and you could have been entertained by beta-ing my flashfic.

Why didn't you send it to my phone?

I haven't acutally finished it yet, or started it.

I guess I'll need to get crackin' on my precognition. I'm just not sure whether I need a teacher or can I get it from a book.

Still haven't started it - how's that precog going? Any tips - how do I start it?

Hold on. I'm still looking in the phone book.

You would be surprised at how few gurus are listed in the Chicago yellow pages. The only one I could find was on the south side and it's such a pain in the ass to go down there...

Tea leaves! Everyone has those lying around. Or you could visit the local bookstore and pick up a Tarot deck.

Or you could visit the local bookstore and pick up a Tarot deck.

I'm always dubious of the value of mass-produced mystical items.

Nothing like those gurus in the phonebook that charge by the hour.

I would like to point out that, because you have failed to fix my computer, I have now idea what you are talking about. I will have to resort to breaking into my daughters.

Trancribed for your reading pleasure!

And simply teeming with news! I can see you now, whipping out your phone and making voice posts from all over the city. People will want you to interview them.

Yes, but you won't want to hear them.

Depends on the subject.