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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pwned by My Brat, Again! %#$^&##

MD put on The Daily Show this morning and Jon put up a picture of two guys.

O-7: OK, I know the guy on the left but who's the guy on the right?

MD: The Iranian president. Who's the guy on the left?

O-7: Tom Cruise...

Current Location: Pwnistan
Mood: discontentPwned

(looks at the camera like Yakko Warner and blows kiss to it)
Goodnight Everybody

i should have asked why did they show the president of Iran with Tom Cruise. Is Paramount replacing Cruise with the Iranian?

BTW, my wife wants to see theshops and museums of downtown Chicago this weekend. Where is the best place for an out of town idiot to park one's car for the day?

It depends on which museums and shops she wants to see.

The Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium are in their own little area and your stuck with their parking. Same with Science and Industry.

The Art Institute is on Michigan Avenue, right downtown. I would park at the Grant Park Garage. You'll be gouged no matter what but the City paking is probably a bit more reasonable. The link is for the Art Institute but applies to the entire loop. I have no idea where to park on the Magnificent Mile.


danke sie schon, freudlein
if you hear about some crazy idiot driving through your town from Madison, just call 608-320-0143 and tell the person to chill out and take that idiot driving style back north of the border.

Oh that's fine, as the adult you recognized the important one.

*nod-nod in agreement* Iranian presidents come and go, but a crappy celebrity is forever!

Maybe not since Paramount has dumped him because he's such a scary, weirdy boy.

Just like the youguns not to know that!

To soothe my ego MD did say that the Iranian president was pretty cute.

Yeah, Tom and Mahmoud are both such hotties.

*insane giggling* Don't feel bad. I probably wouldn't know the president of Iran either. Love the Cruise though. ^_^

I enjoy looking at the guy and not feeling lile a cradle robber but he seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier (Cruise that is).

LMAO! Didn't recognize Tom Cruise? How uneducated! Anyone with a true american education should recognize Tom Cruise before the iranian president!


Sadly, though I'm joking, it's probably very true. ^^;;

Don't rub it in. This is just one more way in which I have failed as a parent.

I knew I should have taken her to MI:3 instead of leaving her to fiddle!

Yes, what a terrible parent you are for not forcing your child to watch a popular movie!!! *gasps in horror*

I'm thinking really hard, though, and I can't honestly say I've ever watched a Tom Cruise movie...surely I have, but I can't think of one.

So...since I know who he is, that must mean you don't actually have to watch his movies to know who he is...just buy'em a few tabloids and magazines!

But still, I have been failing to expose her to one of our top exports, popular culture.*sob*

Heh. At least MD is thus less likely to end up with a Tom Cruise poster on her bedroom wall -- and married to the guy ten years later (a la Katie Holmes).

Not gonna happen...You think I don't suffer fools? MD is a chip off both her parents, without the mellowing, squared.

I never did the poster thing myself...I think partly because I always had a clear separation of the role and the actor and partly because there weren't posters for characters I liked ... Ivan Dragomiloff where are you?

So true, so true...please, continue to ingore pop culture, MD!

Apparently I also need to ignore pop culture and study more, because I can't spell, LOL...

That's a definite 'ouch'. Glad she's yours!

So am I. I'll just have to get toe shoes.

Toe shoes? Are you working on your pirouettes and grandes jetes to keep one jump ahead of your gal?

Whatever works...