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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Now That's Nose!

I opened a bottle of vin posé this evening. I swear it smells like greasy popcorn. Fortunately, I like greasy popcorn.

pilgham says it's my imagination but he's gaslighting me, I know it.


Is that some sort of drink?

White zin, the wine for those of us who don't really like wine.

I see. Wine that smells like greasy popcorn. What does it taste like?

Not at all like greasy popcorn.

Actually, I'm on my second glass now and this glass doesn't smell at all like popcorn, just boring old wine.

Ah, the smell of greasy popcorn...Did it at least have the yummy after aroma of butter oil to sooth it down it's merry way? Heh. I sometimes miss the theater. 'Course, it only took me about two years to get over my aversion to popcorn in the first place.


Sounds like a brand I should try ^^

I like it!

look at it this way, now your husband can have you while watching a movie.

I beg your pardon!

When my husband has me, I have his full attention!

yeah, but when he goes to the movies, he does not have to by the popcorn now.

They do not like it when you bring your own refreshments.

hehehehehehahahahehehehehehehe he could try to hide you in his coat and take you out after he gets inside the theater.

Let's just hope the seats aren't too small...

Yes, he custom-posted that he planned to give you a bottle of cotton candy smelling next. Don't tell him I told you.

The joke will be on him, hah! ha!. I don't even like cotton candy!

You should delete this post and when he asks why, tell him he's imagining things.

Gee, thanks. Now my tum feel icky.

What about me? i drank most of the bottle.

Your tum, your iccky.