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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Unlike Amusement Park Rides, RPGs Just Don't Make Good Movies

Today, I had to watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, again. Worse, this time I stayed awake.

So, can someone please tell me why Cloud wears a door knocker?


Apparently it's "Shaped like a gothic door knocker to symbolise the secrets being locked behind the door of the heart"

*faints* It really is a door knocker?

So why does he have a door knocker on his ear, too?

That one I don't know, I never noticed. That is just bizarre.

It's just an ear ring but it's the same pattern?

Thank you for the knowledge share and don't take this the wrong way but, where the heck did you come from? I looked at your info page and I don't see any overlap with mine.


I actually love that movie :$

So when I saw the picture of Cloud I was curious why you were circling that.

Ah, makes sense.

From what I can see, only gamers like the movie because non-gamers (me) are just lost.

Oh definately. As far as movies made from video games go, they all suck in my opinion, they never have anything to do with the game. Take Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within for one, what a piece of shit, it had nothing to do with any Final Fantasy game ever made. What makes Advent Children awesome is that it's not just based on FFVII, like a copy, but actually continues the story, As if it was a sequel to another movie.

I agree whole-heartedly with everything you've said :)

Advent Children definately was brilliant in its eye candy (awesome graphics and nifty fight scenes, though I liked Tifa's the best).

Despite that, though, I thought the movie lacked plot depth, character depth, or anything like that. I love the game, but the movie felt like a giant chunk of fanservice--awesome CG for everone to gawk at, cool fight scenes for the guys, a quick dash of Aeris here and there for the shippers, and a solid chunk of Sephiroth for the fangirls. *shrugs* I dunno, it was an ok movie, but it could have been more than what it was. I guess I just expected too much from it *shrugs*

And I'm not really a gamer per say. I have no patience for that kind of thing. My husband is, though, and I sit and watch him play through all the interesting games. I sat through him watching all of FFVII about half a dozen times already :P

Because, according to the final fantasy world, wearing it is Teh Kewl. *shrugs* I think some of the weirdest character designs are with the final fantasy franchise and its offshoots. Check out Vincent's ridiculous shoes. At least Cloud isn't wearing those poofy pants anymore, like he was in the game. *shrugs*

Ultimate corniness: Perhaps every once in a while someone needs to "knock on the door to Cloud's heart" or something stupid like that, lol...*shrugs yet again, 'cause I'm in a shrugging mood or something*

It actually looks more like a hitching dealy to me, but who would make a hitching post with a wolf on it?

Was Vincent the guy with the 2 foot long shoes? They didn't seem very practical.

And what's the good of a single wing if you aren't a seed?

Also, those motorcycles seemed compensatory to me.

Yes, Vincent is the guy with the 2 foot long shoes. Curious to see if Dirge of Cerberus (a first-person shooter game starring Vincent based off of this movie, bleh :P ) has him wearing the same shoes as well. In any case, it would make my day if I could see the guy actually trip and fall because of his shoes. *snort-laugh*

I'm not too sure what the point of Sephiroth's single wing was, either. Again, SquareEnix probably thought it looked cool, so single wing it was! Then again, I'm probably the only female FFVII fan that doesn't like Sephiroth, so I don't put much thought into why PsychoIdiot is the way he is :P

Haven't a damn clue why the "door knocker" is of a dog. Too be honest, I never noticed it until this post. I wonder if Tifa drags him around all over the place using it when she's mad at him :P

And for some odd reason, the bike was much cooler in the game (probably because in the game he used it for a grand total of, like, 5 minutes).

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It was just boredom. I don't deny that Advent Children is eye candy so looking at the details was the only way to occupy myself. ANd they really loved that door knocker.

I watched Meet the Parents. Who came out better?

Creepy. Husband and I watched Meet The Parents earlier today. Or, at least, we tried. Our son thought he would make better comedy :P


You are now entering, The Twilight Zone. Music please!

Don't get me started on Meet the Parents!

We also watched Voices of a Distant Star which was melancholy but good. So up points for that one. Episodes 1 and 3 of Last Exile which is really good, so more up points for that. Lastly we had some chunks of IGPX which, thnakfully, was not quite as awful as I feared but still down points for that. All in all, call it a wash?

You have a deal and I won't throw in that I watched part of the William Shatner roast last night.