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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yes, I Have Seen MFing Snakes on a MFing Plane While Drinking a MFing Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

MD starts back to school next Tuesday. Sadly for her that's her birthday.

We usually try to do something festive for her birthday with her buddies E and S. I heard about this theater and suggested it to MD. She liked the idea so that's what we did. pilgham didn't come with.

Hollywood Blcd is way to heck and gone so we left at 2:30 for a 4PM show. Got there about 3:15 which made me happy because I was concerned about the movie being sold out. After we bought our tickets we waited in the bar for our film to be seated. MD had a Diet Coke but the rest of us had the aforementioned virgin strawberry daiquiris.

About 3:45 we were seated and given menus. I loved this mfing theater. You could sit in the middle of the row and not have to push your mfing butt in everyone's face on the way to the mfing john. Food was fine, no complaints. Everyone ate up.

The movie? It's 105 minutes of gruesome yet humorous death. You say "Ewww!" and then laugh. E said it was the 'best movie ever." They all thought mfing SJ rocked.

EDIT: I think "3 Cheese" is a much better rapper name than "3 Gs"

Other than that, weekend pretty sucky because I broke the internet for everyone and then had to fix it.

Plus, we had a violin emergency but pilgham dealt with that.


Today, around the same time (3:15), my mfing Sis and I took Anna and Brooks to the mfing cow movie, Barnyard. It was situation right next to mfing Snakes on a Plane, so I got to peek in as we were leaving. It must have been near the beginning because there were no mfing snakes and no mfing plane, just people walking/talking in some mfing city.

Sounds like MD had a pretty good birthday. :) Teen birthdays don't always go smoothly, so I'm glad to hear it. You broke the internets? That's what happens when you download too much mfing porn.

Note about Barnyard: They gave the cows and the bulls udders. It was very strange. Are there mfing male cows that produce milk and I'm just missing something?

uh situated.

Maybe that's not an udder. Maybe Sam Elliot is just too much male for a single, um, member.

I'm surprised you took your child to a movie with full frontal male and female nudity, even if it was tasteful. Other than that, how was the movie?

The party, such as it was, was good. I figure at that age, they like to talk so you just give them something to talk about and feed them.

Afterwards, S expressed curiousity as to how mfing snakes had gotten into the mfing toilet because didn't those egess to the exterior of the plane? She was swiftly disabused of that.

She was swiftly disabused of that.

How exactly was that accomplished?

Glad the party was good, despite their doubts about the snakes. Kids these days. Barnyard was entertaining, silly, okay dumb. Had some catchy tunes. I would have enjoyed it more, had I realized that wasn't Sam Elliot's udder, or even Kevin James. Thanks for clearing that up.

Yet again, I'm denied details.

*le sigh*

OK, I said something like,"S, when you pee on the plane it doesn't rain on the people below. The cabin is pressurized so you can't have an exit to the outside. There's a big tank. Ocassionally, the contents of those tanks do get dropped, I don't know how."

I learned something today.

I love that icon.

Me too! I stole the "art" from manonlekitty.

I love being called manonlekitty. XD

Snakes on a Plane was much fun. My favorite SJ line was the "snakes on crack" bit. *grin*

I love being called manonlekitty.

*sigh of relief*

I don't have any favorite lines but some favorite characters... The snake guy, Dr. Price I think it was, and Troy. Troy was just awesome landing the plane and I always love an expert who is truly expert.

Sounds like a renter. Virgin strawberry daiquiris make you swear? Heavens!

What possessed you to break the internet?

We have both a wired and wireless network. The wired is 10 mega somethings and the wireless is 54 mega somethings so for MD's birthday we gave her a USB wireless adapter since she does a lot of online gaming. She did the install fine but the network wasn't recognizing her, either wired or wireless, or my laptop.

In the process of getting her back online, I broke everything. I got it fixed right when it was time to go to the movie, which is definitely an entertaining rent but I certainly won't be buying it.

I was swearing because they were virgin daiquiris, not that they wouldn't have happily sold me a slutty one.

I would have been swearing too. I don't like daiquiris in the first place and to have it be chaste is just adding insult to injury.