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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
What's Ouatic Bitching About Now?

I don't think it will come as any surprise when I reveal that I'm quite a peevish person. In fact, I have an upstairs closet and a basement full of peeves. There's probably some tucked in the bottom of my briefcase, as well -- the thing is long over due for a turning out.

Today's peeve is when people say "Eastern Standard Time" thinking it clarifies matters when I know damn well they mean "Eastern Daylight Time". Example: M who is located on the east coast, sets up a meeting for 1:30 PM in Outlook. This shows up on my calendar at 12:30 PM. That's all fine. But M notes in the meeting description "1:30PM Eastern Standard Time." That's what pisses me off because I know if I showed up at the meeting at 1:30 EST, I'd be the only one there.

Here's a little table to illustrate. For those of you who aren't time geeks (not that I am; I'm just nitpicky), UTC is pretty much what we used to call Greenwich time.

Eastern Standard Time (EST)UTC-5
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)UTC-4
Central Standard Time (CST)UTC-6
Central Daylight Time (CDT)UTC-5

So EST and CDT are both UTC-5 (5 hours earlier than GMT). That means, the 1:30 EST meeting is also at 1:30 CDT but if I go then I will have missed the meeting (probably a small loss).

I know this is a trivial thing to be irked by but aren't all peeves? I will say M and the others who are guilty of this are software engineers at my company and a significant part of our suite deals with employee time. THEY SHOULD KNOW THIS! Plus M could just write "ET" or "Eastern" and avoid the whole issue, not to mention letting Outlook do its job.

Mood: pissed offpeevish, duh

Did you say "peevy" or "pervy" - could you repeat that again?

Do spend the bulk of your work days bristling?

That's the duality of Ouatic-7; peevy by day, pervy by night.

I only bristle when I have to deal with corporate. I have my team trained.

another item that usually gets me, is when traveling and entering a different time zone, everyone else keeps asking me what time it is, then they say "Is that our time or their time?"
it is at this point, if these are adults, that i take out the oversize wooden mallet and squash them .

Your reputation obviously isn't anal enough. Or you need to practice your evil looks.

Anybody who knows me and asks the time knows darn well it is the time for the current time zone. Unless we are flying in which case it is the time for the timezone of our destination.

I agree with Ouatic. Say nothing just look. A grunt might be permissible, but no more than that.

Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

*runs away as ouatic_7 throws things at her*

*pants from stitch and stops chasing*

Never 'got' that song. Never liked that song.

I don't mind people not knowing what time it is. Really. I don't understand it but I don't mind it.

I do mind when they tell me two different times for the same event in one email.

*Grins evilly and sings some more*

"If so I can't imagine why, we've all got time enough to..."

Hey, I didn't mean it! REALLY! You can put the big hammer down now! EEEEEEEK!

*runs away again*

*now ponders whether or not saying "Mountain Standard Time" (the timezone I think I'm in, but am I really?) is truly correct*

And like nelson, at first I thought you said "pervy". Heh, Mind, out of the gutter!

It depends on where you live. Arizona, for instance, does not observe daylight savings. If you move the clocks in Spring and Fall then you are in MDT.

Interestingly, apparently the Navajo Nation does observe DST.

You just gave me a headache and it's 1:46 AM EDT (5 hours behind Greenwich Mean). I listen to the BBC.

Face it, you just hate this woman. Should I ever meet her I shall sick-up on her on your behalf.


The UK is currently on British Summer Time which is UTC + 1.

You know, some people are known as pains.

That's the thing with the BBC (at least the radio, which is all I listen to, over the Intrathingy): they're supposed to be all correct, and yet they still refer to "GMT". [eye rolling]

O7, isn't this the sort of thing that P meant when he said that you don't suffer fools gladly? It's really hard not to in so MANY cases.

They still have GMT but UTC is slightly different in a way I don't understand. I just wanted to make a nifty table.

But I've learned to bite my tongue a lot when dealing with corporate. THe people on my team think I'm a bit nuts but at least they understand the issue if not why it upsets me.

But a big yes, on the fools thing. I have gotten much less cranky with age, though, and have learned to use my nitpickiness in positive, societally approved ways, for the most part.