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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Tagged! That Darn Music Meme!

Curse you, rya_kelley!!!

List your current six favorite songs of the moment, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

In no particular order:

'39 by Queen

Queen did a lot of SF and fantasy songs (i.e. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke) but this is my favorite.

In the year of '39 assembled here the Volunteers
In the days when lands were few
Here the ship sailed out into the blue and sunny morn
The sweetest sight ever seen.
And the night followed day
And the story tellers say
That the score brave souls inside
For many a lonely day sailed across the milky seas
Ne'er looked back, never feared, never cried.

Don't you hear my call though you're many years away
Don't you hear me calling you
Write your letters in the sand
For the day I take your hand
In the land that our grandchildren knew.

In the year of '39 came a ship in from the blue
The volunteers came home that day
And they bring good news of a world so newly born
Though their hearts so heavily weigh
For the earth is old and grey, little darlin' we'll away
But my love this cannot be
For so many years have gone though I'm older but a year
Your mother's eyes from your eyes cry to me.
Don't you hear my call though you're many years away

Don't you hear me calling you
All the letters in the sand cannot heal me like your hand
For my life
Still ahead
Pity Me.

The BBC has a page explaining how it's about interstellar travel. No duh! Why do you think I like it? Besides the tune and stuff?

Forces by Hirasawa Susumu from the anime Berserk

There's a short version of this on the Berserk OST. I liked it well enough that I bot the mini-CD with four (4!) different versions of Forces just so I could get the long play. I like it because of the sort Japanese martial sound of it.

I could give you lyrics but since they really have nothing to do with why I like it, I see no point.

I Gotta a Hole in my Pirogue by Johnny Horton

Have I mentioned that my musical tastes are very conservative? Once I like a song I stick with it? '39 is a case in point. I've been a Johnny Horton fan since the '60s but I didn't hear this song until the '90s.

Well I went outta fishin' to make a little mon
To take to Cajun Leena so we could have some fun
On the way back I knocked a hole in my bow
I got a hole in my pirogue I can't go see no gal
The prettiest sight that you ever have seen some moonlite night down in New Orleans
I'm up the river just around the bend
I got a hole in my pirogue I just can't haul it in
[ guitar ]
Cajun Leena's waitin' with tears in her eyes, munchin' and a cruchin' on a crawfish pie
I can smell the file' floatin' through the air
I got a hole in my pirogue I can't go see my chere
The prettiest sight...
[ guitar ]
Yeah I'm here on the bayou sittin' all alone
With a busted bottom and I can't haul it home
Cajun Leena's waitin' lonesome as can be
I got a hole in my pirogue I can't go see my she
The prettiest sight...

*sniff* *sniff* It's so sad...

I Live on a Battlefield by Nick Lowe

If I was going to write a songfic for Inuyasha, this is the song I would use. Of course, I can't figure out what to write that wouldn't be totally cliche.

I live on a battlefield
Surrounded by the ruins of the love we built
And then destroyed between us
The smoke has cleared
As I stumble through the rubble
I'm dazed, seeing double
And I'm truly mystified

My new home is a shell hole filled
With tears and muddy water
And bits of broken heart
All around there is desolation
And scenes of devastation
Of a love been torn apart
I live on a battlefield
I live on a battlefield

I live on a battlefield
The one where not one single drop of blood has spilled
Is no less horrifying
Sweet memories, memories
Of a bygone situation
Now shattered lord and battered
Lie scattered all around

My new home is a shell hole filled
With tears and muddy water
Yes and bits of broken heart
All around there is desolation
And scenes of devastation
Of a love been torn apart
I live on a battlefield
I live on a battlefield

Everything that can has gone wrong
(I live on a battlefield)
It's gonna take spine to carry on
(I live on a battlefield)
Like a drowning man coming up for air
(I live on a battlefield)
I'm looking for another survivor
But I can't see one anywhere

My new home is filled with muddy water
All around there's bits of broken heart
My world is one of desolation
And scenes of devastation
There is no consolation
For a love been torn apart
I live on a battlefield
I live on a battlefield
I live on a battlefield, battlefield
I live on a battlefield

Wind by Akeboshi for the anime Naruto

Naruto has some of the best music, both score and over the credits. I guess I favor this one for its wistful qualities and it's in English so I don't have to sing along phonetically. Of course, now that I look at the words, if these are the words, the only ones I can understand are the chorus!

Cultivate your hunger before you idealize.
Motivate your anger to make them all realize.
Climbing the mountain, never coming down.
Break into the contents, never falling down.
My knee is still shaking, like I was twelve,
Sneaking out of the classroom, by the back door.
A man railed at me twice though, but I didn't care.
Waiting is wasting for people like me.

Don't try to live so wise.
Don't cry 'cause you're so right.
Don't dry with fakes or fears,
'Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

You say, "Dreams are dreams.
"I ain't gonna play the fool anymore."
You say, "'Cause I still got my soul."
Take your time, baby, your blood needs slowing down.
Breach your soul to reach yourself before you gloom.
Reflection of fear makes shadows of nothing, shadows of nothing.
You still are blind, if you see a winding road,
'Cause there's always a straight way to the point you see.


Danny Boy by Conway Twitty

Accept no substitutions! It's the same old sappy lyrics and the same old sappy tune but with that rockabilly verve.

I am not fond of Danny Boy and this is the only version I would ever voluntaily listen to.

I'm supposed to tag people...If you want to do this meme consider yourself tagged.

Disclaimer: These are just the first 6 songs I thought of, so they must be the ones I like, right? But ask me again tomorrow morning and I don't promise to produce the same list.

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nice choices. i already told you once on another meme that i love '39 too.. that BAttlefield song is cool. might go look it up. i can see how the lyrics would lend themselves to a cool inuyasha sonfic...reading it, here is the (very depressing) story that came to my mind...

Inu & Kik survive Naraku's attack and go forward with their plans, except he doesn't become human (maybe nar gets the jewel after all). their marriage goes sour and plays out the story of of the battle with Naraku..maybe he comes back to plague them, still wanting Kikyou).

then, because i love happy endings, Naraku kills kikyou (or kidnaps her) and Kagome comes back through time to help inu kill Naraku. meanwhile they fall in love and because kik dies in the end (by naraku's hand) kagome helps inu heal from both his rotten marriage and the trauma of naraku killing kik.

shit, that depressed me just thinking of it. i'm going to go do something happy now. maybe i WON'T go look up the song


I know "battlefield" is supposed to be a metaphor but it seems to work quite literally for IY.

I love happy endings, too, but I don't see one coming out of that song...

You know, Lowe has certainly written a bunch of downers...

He did write one happy song ... I hear he wanted out of a contract..."Bay City Rollers We Love You". Strangely the lyrics have been pulled from the 3 or 4 sites I looked at.

i just listened to the clip on iTunes. too country for me..... but i was suprised how the music itself was kindof upbeat... i guess it's a country thing..

Are Brits allowed to sing country? Call it country and I'll close my ears but call it rockabilly and I like it.

You should hear "Who Was that Man?" It's about the fire in the King's Cross underground station that killed hundreds and the last unidentified remaains. If you don't listen to the words it's the happiest song you can imagine. On a side note, I rode the escalator that burned several years previous and was pretty darn scared, oily wood, deep undergound...

I didn't include any Austin Lounge Lizards!!!! How the heck did that happen?

yeh. i'm sitting here listening to a bunch of stuff i can't believe i didn't list out. oh well. time to something "productive"

Hee hee. Sorry. I thought you could use a break from cleaning up my mess.

You should slap her around for doing that to you. I'm not considering myself tagged.

Slap her around anyway, she likes that.

I know! I have her saying "More please, Mistress."

"Danny Boy"? Gad!