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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Are You On Notice?

Who do you have 'On Notice'? And it was gacked from ffutures

Don't have much to say.

Highlights of the week:

  • I did get personally patronized by the diva herself.

  • I'm not even halfway through rya_kelley's story. (Sorry !)

  • Have not accomplished a damn thing at work all week.

  • Did get MD registered for HS (poor thing starts school on her birthday)


hehehehehehehehe boiler2 gets regisitered next week for HS.

we should put everyone on notice but that would make too long of a list.

MD is making her own list. I wonder if I'm on it? Nah, she can't put me on notice until after her birthday!

well, let's see, were you being generous to a bunch of us....? i think you're channeling Noko a bit today.... (to our amusement)

were you being generous to a bunch of us....?


I did put Bill on notice on Noko's behalf. Of course, I spend a good deal of time swearing at him myself. Whenever I get repetitive pop-ups about restarting so updates can take effect, I have harsh words for Bill. For some reason, this amuses MD.

poor bill, he's eradicated small pox on the planet and still 1/2 the population of the earth blames him for everything from the PC's spinning egg timer to the busted toaster... snicker...

I thought it was Stephen and Mrs. Gates who did the small pox thing?

Okay what happened? I can't tell from my skim of the comments and such.

Oh, it was your typical Sueric wankfest.

Lady MacBeth posted an essay on MM on reviewing for both authors and critics: http://forum.mediaminer.org/index.php?t=msg&th=31606&start=0&

My teeny piece is near the bottom. Meanwhile, Angelica_Pierce brought up the MM allowing authors to delete non-flame reviews. DQ_Bunny came right out and said "we mean you, Sueric."

That started a long argument about who owns the reviews ona story with Sueric maintaining she deleted the concrit reviews to avoid having her poodles flame the critic. All this was moved to another thread and civility was maintained until LordAaron called Inusaga a fool. He's one of the mods. He was reported to the mod for that area of the forums and chided for vigilante modding. FInally that whole thread was shut down and apparently deleted.

Since then Sueric has, at least temporarily, left the MM forums and is no longer a mod there.

*pant* *pant*

I felt a little bad because my post was a bit OT but the reactions of Sue and Dumas1 took swiftly assuaged that.

For these reasons, I find this whole discussion interesting but academic since MM is, apparently, set up to discourage all comments and especially, concrit ones.

Nice one! Heh. Thanks for the summary.

You give good concrit, after all, we've all see it.

What's OT?

ur such a n00b!

Off Topic.

*stifles laughter*

(would say something intelligent but...guffaws)

You hate people who wear their glasses on their foreheads, too?

Erm...I'm one of them. :) See! Now you have a reason to hate me!! *gasp!* The world's doomed now... doomed, DOOMED I SAY!

Ah finally, Inuyasha wank I can follow :P

The ironic thing about this is that I browsed the MM forums last week, noted Sueric's modly posts and when she chose to enforce such "power", and decided that the forum wasn't worth my time :P Now this happens! Lovely intuition...

You know, I have honestly felt tempted to write a decent, polite concrit review to one of her fics JUST to see how long it would take before it would get deleted (and have people take bets!! the winner gets a quarter, woo-hoo!). However, one thing stopped me: I'd have to actually read something of hers, and I'm just not in the mood to do that :P

You know the thing that really, really pisses me off about MM?

*rushes off to verify*
*rushes back*

Is there is nothing on the front opage telling you that the forums are where you need to go for help. In the instructions on uploading fics I did see one link to Website Feedback, but it's like they are purposefully obfuscating how to get hold of them. Maybe it's just me (probably is) but I would expect a link on the front page on how to contact the mods. Heck, the link could say go to the forums!